As the initial team for Zero Skateboards was put together in the mid nineties a certain Australian was selected for the OG line up. You might be thinking Matt Mumford right? Well no, that was a little later. The first Australian on Zero was none other than Wade Burkitt. Wade was already well known locally from coast to coast before he made global notoriety with his nonchalant hands in pockets style. The gnarliest skateboarding situations would not pose any threat to Wade; he simply plowed through them with the utmost confidence and most casual demeanour. Highlights in this “Thrill Of It All” part were his initial gargantuan ollie at Dulwich Hill snake run, his multiple tricks down the long and confined Martin Place double set ledge, his kickflip back tail on a bump to brick ledge (for a beer) and of course his tow in to pole jam which simply shocked the world. There are tricks in this part that to this day have not been done as stylishly. Shortly after this epic section was released Wade disappeared from pages of the mags and VHS racks worldwide. When someone amazing vanishes at their peak it ensures legendary status. To this day top international pros still fan out about a Wade Burkitt sighting. Wade doesn’t give a f**k about skate fame though, he is happily making amazing art in Sydney.




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