In the early nineties there was a flavoursome company out of SF running by the name Mad Circle, ‘twas headed up by pint-sized street shredder Justin Girard. Mad Circle had a real unique graphic look with most of the artwork being done by SF aerosol guru Twist (aka Barry McGee). During its relatively short life The Circle was home to creative heavies like Pontus Alv, Bobby Puleo, Karl Watson, Scott Johnston and our own Tas Pappas. In the early to late nineties Tas was truly leading the charge in progressive vert skating. He, alongside Ben (RIP), fanged like no other and fearlessly unleashed a bunch of new flip tricks and gnarly backside revert maneuvers. It was a combination of Tas’s tech-prowess and power that led to him being ranked the number one vert skater in the world for 1996. Also in 96, in this ‘Let the Horns Blow’ part (below) you will see him break out a stunning kickflip tail grab, mach ten 180 nollie switch k’s, elusive back 180 fakie 5-0’s, stoinked nollie heel to fakies and ridiculous runs like the last one. His ‘curtains’ run features (back to back) a helmet bashing Japan air, a kickflip varial indy set up for a varial McTwist, a backside air revert and a cab heel indy! Seriously on point. This was at a time when vert ramps were still ten or eleven foot, and due to their smaller trannies were a lot less forgiving than what people ride today. This was also during a period where vert was almost completely marginalised by street skating. Comps had barely any prize money and the guys who were down for vert were the diehard punks of the scene. Pretty fitting that there two self-proclaimed bogans from Melbourne were at the forefront of the movement. RIP Ben and Tas we can’t wait to see you ripping again mate.




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