Lewis has literally been good forever. For as long as I can remember he has been dominating ledges and slaying bangers over choice gaps and down sets. For a while there the Aussie Swede was hovering between hemispheres getting a taste for both the European and the Australian lifestyles. A little over a decade go though Lewis decided to base himself primarily in Oz whilst simoultaneously utilizing his skateboard prowess to check out the rest of the planet.

The decade that ensued beyond this point in has been a whirlwind for old Lewis but that hasn’t stopped him from laying part after part of bangage. When it came to picking Lewis’s Video Vault I was faced with quite a few options. I settled for his banging part in the Shane Cross dedicated “Let’s Live” from Volcom. Yep there are older parts like this section from Swedish video “Situation STHLM“, or his section in “Chicagof” or definitely his more recent part in Nike’s “Nothing But the Truth”. But really for me Let’s Live that stood out amongst his other efforts. Not only was did it feature the whole team absolutely slaying it, but the whole vid was looked over by the soul of Shane Cross, which made it uber special. Lewis’s part sees inner side of planter box action, inward heels over roads, heels over tables, kickflip tailslides (both frontside and backside) on tables, waist high flatground flippery, quests in Queens, inspiration at i-Max, dominance of the Docklands and a healthy edition of the ghetto bird at Melton. Lewis is a legendary human and a flat out ripper. Can’t wait get as whiff of the latest footage he has been logging.





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