‘Flick of the Switch’
Juice Clothing
Words by Morgan Campbell

Have you ever seen anyone melt a spot with their eyeballs? There is a certain stare down that you seldom see. I think some may refer to it as the “Hubba Stare” – as pioneered by Brian Anderson prior to his front blunt down Hubba Hideout. Brian can definitely melt a spot with his eyeballs. As can Danny Way. Another guy with that look in his eye is Jeff Williams. I remember Dimitry Elyashkevich was in Melbourne, just a couple of days into 2000. He had just had an extended stay up in Sydney shooting for Big Brother. His words regarding Jeff were: “I think he might be the best mini ramp skater in the world.” But did Dimitry know that Jeff could kill a vert ramp? What about the the level of his street skills? He did switch 50/50 a triple kink rail back in 1999! Admittedly his skill set was sometimes beyond what his own body could handle, he was often skating way past his own physical means. I can’t remember a period where Jeff was more hurt than when he filmed this part for Juice’s ‘Flick of the Switch’. Pretty astounding to think anyone could put together a section like this operating on anything other than 100%.

First off: the song is by Thievery Corporation who are know for their chilled beats. But this section could have easily sat next to Slayer or have been accompanied by anything of similar ferocity. He starts things of mellow with a few bench tricks at the Sydney Aquarium, but I feel things really get going when that leaf hits the lens on that first nollie flip. Then it is on. Rails and hubbas feel the wrath. Parramatta gets annihilated. The old Cook ‘n’ Phillip rail gets huricaned and nollie noseblunted. There is an intermission in the form of a casual vert interlude. Shuv-its to nose slide, backside nose grind reverts and a bionic 360 backside tailgrab. After the vert session the fearless street bangers continue. He 50/50’s a curved triple kinker and then switch 50/50’s the Melville High kinked beast! He flies overhead with a switch backside flip down a big four (still large by today’s standards) and a tops it with a backside flip down a monster gap in San Diego. His demonic handrail and hubba assault continues and he tops it off with a 360 lip down a long lost Canberra rail. Has to be one of the gnarliest all around Aussie sections of all time. And not a mini ramp in sight! Imagine if there was a couple of Bondi lines in there. Wowsers.

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