Where do you start with this? Skating with Dustin around the turn of the century was quite an odd spectacle. Fearlessness is an understatement when it came to the gun-ho attitude of this particular microid. There was no testing the water on an obstacle for old Dusty, no tricks posed; it was always pure commitment from the first roll up. Usually a spot would be tamed into submission within one to three tries and Spawny would be rolling away with a cheeky grin. Dustin was one of those guys (similar to Mumford and Bartie) who was given very little love in the Australian skate media before he got coverage in the States. I guess he was kind of black-listed as the little feral kid from the Blue Mountains who did kickflip indys. Come 1998-ish that all changed. Dustin quit Dwarf Skateboards headed to the US under the wing of Volcom to embark on his deftly mission. Before long he was picked up by the fading Stereo skateboards and was pumped through big videos and the pages of Thrasher and Slap in no time. His fierce skateboard disposition, his outrageous antics and his membership in the original PD crew instigated world-wide attention and the sponsors, travel and loot followed.

By the tame Baker 2G came out whispers had turned into urban legends and Dustin had tattooed his name across the international boardlands. Around the time of this Sight Unseen part Dustin had already made his mark in the States and had returned to Australia to focus on local hammery. He made a relocation from Sydney to Melbourne where he began furiously dissecting the gnarlier architectural arrangements of the city. Andrew Mapstone was his primary coverage instigator. During the part you will see all kinds of ludicrousies involving rails, gaps, hubbas, flip ins, kinkers and of course the odd slam and sketch. Dustin is hands down the most successful pro skater the country has ever spawned and it has taken the likes of ole twinkle toes Shane O’neill for anyone to ever take it further. Despite multiple knee operations Dustin is out there ripping to this very day. All hail the Spawn.





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