Chad Bartie
Physics Wheels
‘Dream Reality’

Many of you will never have heard of Physics Wheels. It was a short-lived ripper of a urethane brand from the mid-to-late 90’s. T’was spawned out of Oceanside’s California’s Climax Distribution and featured a team choc-a-block full of highly influential rippers. Physics was pretty much the wheel version of iPath, but way before iPath existed. Yep: it was pretty Rasta maan. In fact you can guarantee this was the most combined dreadlocks ever spotted in a skate gang since the Alva Boys. Names that graced the Physics roster included: Mike Manzoori, Matt Reason, Matt Pailes, Jerry Hsu, Frank Hirata, Nanda Zipp, Mario Rublacaba (who was actually a legit Alva Boy) and of course our own Chad Bartie. From what I remember this video was cut on a borrowed Media-100 suite from Transworld HQ. This was in the early days of semi-affordable digital video editing, which finally allowed for interesting overlays and a newfound accessiblity of special effects. Dream Reality* really was team effort: the Physics lads filmed it, edited it and even composed the sound track.

Chad came blazing out of the gates with this one, and rightfully owned the coveted first part. This has to be one of the finest Chad Bartie parts of all time. Mister Bartie has been skating since the mid-80’s and shows no chances of slowing down any time soon. As a wee kid he had the likes of Tony Hawk and Lance Mountain come over to shred his backyard mini. We are talking ’87 here! It is doubtful any entire family in Australia has ever backed skating to the degree of the Barties. It truly was inevitable that a pro was spawned somewhere in the genaology. Chad first moved over to the US in the mid-90’s and has been ‘Gleaming the Cube’ in the in the San Diego area ever since. After decades in the biz, Chad recently came full circle and was inducted into the Bones Brigade himself. Indeed, you might have seen a tonne of footage of him skating pools and parks lately but as you will see here he has some firm roots in the streets.

In 1997 skateboarding was in a pretty sweet phase. The cult video ‘Eastern Exposure’ had blown everyone away the year prior and there was a newfound focus on taking basic tricks to quirky spots… much similar to some of the more interesting under-currents in skateboarding today. Chad had definitely taken a leaf out of the Eastern Exposure book for this section. He strips back the techinicality and skates a lot of gnar-buckled rails, trolley racks, banked hubbas, step up ledges and basically a whole tonne of abnormal terrain. It is very rare that you will see something so interesting filmed in California. Lets have a closer look at some of the bangage…

1. Step up back tail

The first trick is a glimpse into what tasty terrain is on the menu for the remainder of the section. Ollieing up into a slight backside carve and then propelling himself into one of the most timeless ledge tricks: yum. If you ever managed to lay eyes on this spot you will realize that was far from possible. Also… this is back when bricks didn’t slide.

2. Ollie up to frontside hubba ride

Look at this thing it is massive: straight up bonker town. Good eye Chad and those fat snaps made it feasible didn’t they? Carved that thing with the ease of a Pizzey face wall didn’t you tiger?

3. Backside ollie on the steepey

Holy frock: what’s the bet that this sucker is steeper than the base of Uluru. Most of the spots in Chad’s part were found in the much played-out greater LA and San Diego areas. If you haven’t seen them skated in other videos of the era chance are: they are simply impossible and most probably impassable. This backside planter box ollie is a boss example of Chad claiming some virgin Cali-lines.

4. Slappy 50/50 on the yellow guy <click sequence to view larger>

This just reeks of awesome. What a beast of a slappy! Entrée: jam up the front. Main: melted plastic drizzle across the top and then… yes I’ll have a slice of kinked metal for dessert, i’ll even get down-train on that last bevel. Mmm… scrumptious.

5. Grind the flat and then….. doooooowwwn

If they found this fifteen years later: they’d be calling out ‘Boserio’ at the top of their lungs. But look at this: back in 1997 and Chad Bartie grinds through the flat rail and takes that icy balance beam down a ten plusser: Tonka Tough.


Dream Reality* – Want to see the rest of the video? Stay tuned to our facebook page as the whole video will be going up on our web guy’s vimeo page soon.





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