Around 2002/3 Cale Nuske seemingly effortlessly scorched his name into skateboarding almanacs around the planet. He took tech tricks to levels of gnarl that had simply never been seen before.

At the Lausanne Grand Prix of 2002 there was a replica of Hubba Hideout that Cale blitzed with all sorts of flip-in wizardry. Whispers were being made between seriously influential industry heads…
“Who is this kid”
“Who does he ride for?”
“Who is that? He is burning everyone?”
“We gotta get him”

Yep, everyone wanted a piece. It wasn’t long before Cale was known and flown worldwide and was appearing in literally every single magazine. This video part (from Cliché’s Bon Appetite) was merely one testament to the level of Cale’s ripping during this era. You will see him fearlessly power-stroll his way through the diciest of dicey always with a perfectly sprinkling of gangster.

If you are in Victoria this weekend and are wondering how Cale is skating these days (amazingly by the way) come down to Shocklands on Saturday at noon. If you are not, stay tuned with the video wrap at some time next week.

Back tail from pixels visible over at pendrek mag.




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