In the early to mid nineties skateboarding seemed to neaten up from a pretty heinous period it had suffered just prior. Visually; it came that little bit more satisfying. Instead of flipping your board eighty times in one worm burning, poorly flipped pressure flip; the emphasis was instead placed on style and pop. One of the Aussies whose skating was naturally garnished with this newfound style and ran with it was Al Boglio. I recently found a video part of Al’s online at, which is a site devoted to skateboarding from the golden era of early to mid nineties. The section was from the 1994 Prime video “Fight Fire with Fire” a video which enabled Al to be viewed by the masses alongside rippers as Kris Markovich, Caine Gayle and Japanese tech guru Shin Okada.

In his part Al smoothes his way through some classic SF, LA and SD spots skating locales that were also hit in the Girl classic Goldfish during the same year. His massively popped Fort Miley hip heelflip was also documented on film by Andrew Currie and I’m pretty sure the photo was run in Slap. As far as spots on home turf you will see the old Prahran dish (fakie inward heel, frontside half cab heel and switch tre), a line on St Kilda Road and a heel flip fakie floated blindside at a very fresh faced looking Manly Skatepark. You will see his amazing nollie flip power (as shown in the line with the switch back 180 over the bin) which he can still bring to the table today in a pair of thongs. His ender a switch pop shuv over the fountain at Wallenberg School is still gnarly 17 years later. That’s right. 17 years. Wow.

Soon after this little Prime Skateboards episode Al was back in Australia where he found it hard to get boards. Instead of waiting around for his “package” to rock up Al started Time Skateboards with Christian West. Since the subsequent rise and fall of Time Al has been busy heading things up over at Cliché where he is obviously doing a brilliant job. Keep up the good work Boggy.


image on this page taken from video browser window at bobshirt. Check it out.




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