Under the Radar with Beau Hinge
Film and edit: Eddy Hamra
Song: “Takes Me Back” by Oisima
(Don’t forget to watch in HD)

Beau Hinge is one of the best things about visiting Adelaide. It is not only his electric, dance-move, skateboarding that rubs off on you, but it is the fact that he has an absolute ball whilst doing it. The city that has spawned greats such as Steve Gourlay, Bryan Mason, Dan Ivett, Paul Brabanec, Justin Hughes, Dorfus, Andy Walker and (of course) Cale Nuske; sure is in good hands right now. The new gen includes the likes of Clint Kenneally, Jack Bridges, Mike Milner and young Beau. In our quest to educate the rest of the land + planet regarding the skills of Beau we hit up local filmer Eddy Hamra to film an Under the Radar with him. Beau filmed this over just a few days. Look forward to seeing him skate at Saturday’s Nike x SbA Am Titles South Australian Qualifier wonder if it will be a repeat of his effort at last year’s South Oz Am Series stop.

Beau skates for: Miasma Skateboards, Lakai, Dickies and MV2.





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