We are proud to present Shane Azar as the latest subject of a Three Spots. Thanks to the lens mastership of Su Young Choi, we witness Shane rocketing through the curves of his local since day one: Keirle Park (Manly Bowl). He then hits up Dee Why Beach during a sunny but blustery arvo. He finishes up at the epically tight Portside DIY. Guest appearances by Andrew Peters, Kieran Reilly and Lewis Wood.

Shane Azar has been steadily ripping since late last century. He has been a streaking bullet across multiple streets and tranny treats since the mid nineties when he was a pint-sized child man. He started his adventures in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, then went on to the skate-pastures of greater Sydney, off around Australia and finally throughout the world. He has been mastering the juggle of family, skating, work (team and projects manager at Volcom) for quite some time now. Even though he is one of the older cats in the SbA Pro/Am Tour the pit bull with a heart of gold shows no sign of stopping any time soon. Azar: give us a high five mate. You are a legend.

Come and see Shane and 43 other Oz-shredders tearing Thunderdome on December 1st.

Three Spot Synopsis
Everyone has those zones where they feel comfortable. You know those locals where you know the traffic flow, know where the ledge grips, where it slides, where the kinks or cracks are, you even know where to put your rubbish or get a sneaky drink of water. It at is those comfy spots where people can really shine on their boards with the purest skating. To investigate the linkage that we form with these familiar places we have decided to do a little visual survey of where some of Australia’s top skaters feel at home: A total of Three Spots.





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