The second in the ‘Three Spot’ series is an energized style-thrash through the plazas, streets, paths and contours of some of Melbourne’s most iconic spots. This episode features one of Australia’s finest skaters: Jack Kirk. Talented skater and videographer Geoff Campbell chases Jack through some lines at Lincoln Square, The Library and Prahran Skatepark. As no suprise to us Kirksy lays trails of awesomeness at ever locale. Who will be the third Three Spotter? Only time will tell.

Three Spot Synopsis

Everyone has those zones where they feel comfortable. You know those locals where you know the traffic flow, know where the ledge grips, where it slides, where the kinks or cracks are, you even know where to put your rubbish or get a sneaky drink of water. It at is those comfy spots where people can really shine on their boards with the purest skating. To investigate the linkage that we form with these familiar places we have decided to do a little visual survey of where some of Australia’s top skaters feel at home: a total of Three Spots.





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