Melbournians celebrated the return of Andrew Brophy earlier this year. Andrew and his family came back to the city after a four-year hiatus. After prolonged stints in Noosa and LA he has blended right back in seamlessly. Well, as seamlessly as one can blend when one stands out a mile off due to one’s mastery of gravity. We were honoured when Brophy eagerly took to the Three Spots mission in the midst of winter. With the help of Leigh Bolton and James James, Andrew was documented hitting up the raw-mixed shapes of *Rezy, the new St Kilda Road ledges and his old local Prahran Skatepark. For a guy who his well known for his levitating techniques, it is nice to be reminded just how stylish he is on the board. It is with great pleasure that we present one of the world’s finest, power snappin’ skate rats: Andrew Brophy and his choice of Three Spots.

Video (below) filmed by Leigh Bolton and James James
Edited by James James
Nosebluntslide photo (above) by Jason Morey
Guest skater: Jeremy Corea
Song: ‘Swamp Groove’ by Captn K courtesy of Picnic Records.
Purchase ‘Swamp Groove’ from i-tunes or juno.
For more on Rezy aka Reservoir Skatepark be sure to check the Rezy Recon filmed earlier in the year.

Three Spot Synopsis
Everyone has those zones where they feel comfortable. You know those locals where you know the traffic flow, know where the ledge grips, where it slides, where the kinks or cracks are, you even know where to put your rubbish or get a sneaky drink of water. It is at those comfy spots where people can really shine on their boards with the purest skating. To investigate the linkage that we form with these familiar places we have decided to do a little visual survey of where some of Australia’s top skaters feel at home: a total of Three Spots.





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