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Marty Girotto is one of those humans that just oozes the awesome. I used to work at a bar in Melbourne and he would visit me. Everyone else who visited would usually come by me for a hello and a beverage. But not Marty. He would just drop by for the soul purpose of a hello. Shortly after meeting him properly in Sydney a few years back I saw him down in Melbs and we went for a shred with him and a rather large random posse. I was so amazed by the smoothness that my jaw grabbed indy. He is the whole package: great human and gifted mover - MC

MC: So you are from the Gong right?

MG: Yes I am from Wollongong.

What did you skate in Wollongong while you were growing up?

I grew up skating Fairy Meadow skatepark and any other little street spots we had going around.

Who was ripping in the Gong back then?

Ryan Baczynski, Steve Allen, Joey Lyons, Nathan Dent, Barry Strachan were all who I was looking up to.

Did any demos come thru town. If so who?

Yeah a bunch of demos hit our little local: Deca, Black Label, SMP and that (411) Australian Vacation Video; those guys rocked through. There have been a few pros and demos pass through.

What is the gnarliest trick you have ever seen go down in the Gong?

I’m not too sure on the gnarliest trick but I’ve grown up with Sam Giles and he is as gnarly as it comes I reckon.

The first time I properly met you, you came up to me at Ferny and introduced yourself. I was taken aback by how much respect you had, how friendly and genuine you were. Ever since I have been quite curious as to how early you started skating the city?

Ha-ha thanks, I try to be a good human, it’s not in my nature to be the opposite. I think the first time I had been to the city I was about ten or eleven; it was a while back now.

Can you remember the first time you came up? What were the circumstances and how did it feel to be in the big shmoke?

I think the first time I come to the city was with my mate Mic from home we just ventured up and had a merry old time, I saw The Pit for the first time which was dope and Martin Place was just skate heaven compared to our rough town.


Flowy feel good floaty in Melbourne

What were the main spots then?

The main spots were Martin Place, Cook ‘n’ Phillip, Cannonball (best place ever), Silver Rail (I saw some shit go down that thing) and yeah, Darling Harbour or around the city. Everyone would try to get a sneaky trick in at Black Double but security knew we were all headed there every weekend just for that split second of maybe putting a trick down the double set.

Who did you see skating around back then?

I used to see Taizo Hughes floating around a bit, Jenkos, Mick Yuen, a glimpse of Davo here and there, Nick Collerson, then youngens like Dane Burman, Chima, Dave B, Jai Smith, Dean Palmer (who was already amazing at skating and life) and a few more I have forgotten.

When did you decide to move to the city?

I decided to move to the city when I was about 18, I lived in Redfern, and then moved over the north later with five other homies from the Gong, it was a bit of a party house and we were only there for six months until we got evicted. I spent about a year in Sydney then moved down to Melbourne for a while which was dope, I could definitely live there again, only in summer though.

Who were you riding for back when you moved to Sydney?

Back then I was riding for the same sponsors I have now pretty much, except then I was on Adidas instead of my current (shoe) sponsor DC.

You are quite rightfully known as having one of the smoothest styles in the country. How do you remain so composed on a board? Any tips?

Thanks, it makes me happy to hear something like that. I’m not sure on tips, I guess just as long as you feel comfortable you will look it too.

Who are your top three Aussie smoothies?

My top three Aussies are not in any order but these would be them: Harry Clark, Jack Kirk and Dennis Durrant.

Who are your top three International smoothies?

Internationals would be Van Wastell, Kenny Anderson and Mark Appleyard.


Lengthy switch pop shuv-it (photo: Rodney Ip)

Now a few years ago I noticed you developed a deep affinity for Europe. I had a similar thing happen to me. When everyone was focused on going to the States I was way keener to go to Europe. I know it wasn’t probably the best ‘career move’ at the time but as a result of so much time there I feel better for it. How did Europe pop into your consciousness and why do you love it there?

Yeah Europe is dope. I guess it was the first place I wanted to go overseas and then just wanted to go back more. Everyone does go to the States as soon as they can, but I like to do things my way and that is the way you will always be happy and get things done. America is cool too, but it’s a different vibe to Europe. I like a place were people don’t speak the same language because it gives you a different outlook on so many things. Europe also has so many different countries so close together and different skate spots in each one. Going there was definitely one of the best decisions I ever made. I’ll go back again for sure, but maybe not till after another trip to the States.

How many times have you been?

I have been to Europe three times now, and ventured to a few different places: Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Sicily (still Italy but also rad). My favourite city would be Berlin, or Palermo (southern Italy). I’m not sure but both so dope and easy going, good skate spots and dope human beings. I made some dope friends in those places. Switzerland is also good: the freshest air I have ever breathed. It’s all rad.

When did you get back from your last European sojourn? What have you been up to since then?

I got back in September. Since then I have just been skating and working a little bit for extra pocket money.

I saw some photos of you skate coaching on The Island. How was that?

Yeah I have been coaching. It’s pretty fun. The crew I work with are awesome, down to earth and utter legends. It’s easy going and the kids are polite so it makes the day easy and fun. The kids enjoy it too: every weekend it’s the same faces coming back and even more kids so I guess we are doing a good job.


Fakie manual to fakie tre. Yep that’s a hard one done to perfection.

You amped on the location on stop three of the Pro/Am Tour then?

Yeah it’s a pretty good place to have a comp really. On a good day over there its beautiful and definitely worth being there.

Have you seen the list of skaters who are entered?

Yeah I have seen the list. It should be good. Yeah I’d like to watch some bangers go down.

Who are you looking forward to watching?

I’m not too sure; I think most skaters in it are pretty amazing. Dane Burman is always good to watch. If he is not killing it, normally he is just doing some stupid tricks that end up being rad, and he pulls some money from them too, ha-ha.

Ok so after the Island we have Chrissy and then that’s it for the 11. What have you got planned for the 12?

I have planned to go to the States around May and stay there for a few months then after that would be cool to visit Euro land again. Really, I’m just keen to be skating and try and film another video part, travel around and keep a smile going.

Marty rides for: Alien Workshop, DC, Sml, Modus and Ashbury and he will be skating at ‘The Island’ next Saturday the 10th of December.




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