Words: Morgan Campbell
Photos: Matty Hooker (except where noted)

Joel has no doubt been on the tip of the Queenslander's tongues for quite some time now. Up until this past January I am pretty sure I had heard of him, but I definitely didn't have a face linked to the name. This all changed… overnight. I was up on the Goldy judging the Queensland round of the SbA Am series, and poor old Brisbane had just copped the brute force of the floods that wrecked properties and more importantly: lives. I was amazed how despite what was going on around them, how many people made the trek down. One of those warriors was Joel McIlroy. One minute I was watching and the next I was transfixed. I was in awe of this snappy floppster; an animated Muppet-like character who was tearing around the joint in the most unorthodox manner. So much power, such a big trick bag, a loose palatable style and most importantly an ear-to-ear grin. At that point in time Joel was tattooed onto my brain tissue for eternity. I have since become really good friends with Joel and seen him skate in many different scenarios.

MC: What is your porn star name (First pets name + name of the first street you lived on)? 

JM: Manly Bobby West

OK, so MBW, where are you right now?
In the Bay

How long has it been since you went on a road trip? And where was that?
It’s been good, just chillin’ back in the Bay with the boys and working. I went on a little road trip down to Hookso’s place and done the kingy drift along with some fishing and skating, it was good times.

How old are you?

What year did you discover the magic rolling board?

How did that happen? Where were u?
My older brothers had boards and it just kicked off from there back in the Bay in Peewee Court.


Joel with a deftly caught frontside flip into a hill

The first time I saw you skate was at the SbA am series at Nerang at the start of the year. I saw simply blown away by your consistency and your left of field dance moves like the front crook pop over. You won the comp pretty easily. Did you have a cracker of a day that day or what?
Tim called me the day before to shot a photo for Slam on some flood damaged stuff in Brisbane, so the next day we went around Brisbane looking for some spots but I was hung over and we couldn’t find anything worth shooting a photo on. Tim said that the comp was on down the coast and that everyone was there so we decided to head down and it ended up being a really good day.

After that we next met up in Melbs for the final. How did you get to the shed that day?
After leaving the bar I went to meet Pat Gemzik at his hotel and had a shower then went down the street to get coffee about 7ish I think. Cuzza, your self, Hookso and all the boys rocked up and kindly asked me if I would like a lift…. nek min I’m in the van chillin’ with Hookso and Cale.

Fast forward a few months and we were at Shocklands. You were the crowd favourite and got third. Seems like you have been on a bit of a comp rampage this year. What else have you been up to?
Just working and hitting the streets as much as possible, Kane and Swan Dawg are back and we have been getting down with things skating and dancing all over the Bay, Coast and Valley. We have been hitting the streets hard with the DP (Dangerous Posse) boys too, partying and skating with Pedro, Beacho, Jayden, Miles, Phil and all the boys.

How are the ankles at the mo?
Good touch wood!

Any travel plans coming up?
I was planning to go to the Melboune for the Bronx comp but don’t have coin to get down there, otherwise skating around Brisbane.


J mac with a front k smack in the middle of a long planter box

If you were to get a pro shoe on Adidas one day what would it be called?
THE j MAC (laughs)

Who would be the top three international Adidas riders you would take on a tour?
Gus Faithful, Pete Eldridge and Lucas Puig

Are you coming to “The Island”?
Yeah ill make sure I get down there.

What do you know bout “The Island”?
Not much, I heard it was where Masterchef was filmed that’s about it.

Explain the Bay to the uninitiated?
All the boys that I grew up skating and running amok with around Cleveland.

How is it having such a talented bunch of friends? Must be pretty inspirational?
It keeps you psyched to skate, helps push you cos everyone around you is pushing themselves.

Noticed you have some pretty healthy flatground snaps. Did you train like Reese Forbes with ankle weights to get your pop? Or did it come totally organically/naturally?
100% all naturale

How do you feel that you are the first person to be featured in a Matty Hooker shot interview?
Yeah its dope skating with Hookso, he is a his a really good mate of mine so when we end up going skating we have heaps of good times and just talk shit; but that’s when shit ends up happening

What you up to now that you have finished these questions?
I’m going to sleep ha-ha.

Joel’s rides for
Expedition OnetheBayAdidasPicture Wheels, Theeve Trucks and SkateBiz

Joel is currently ranked 6th in the SbA Pro/Am Tour.


We live in a weird era don’t we? People are actually able to style out kickflip crooked grinds now.
Photo Tim Black




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