All photos by Darren Kirby. 

by Andrew Currie

AC: Been getting into any interesting tunes lately?

JF: I’ve always listened to everything. I grew up with my old man playing ACDC, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Slayer, and then my mum would always play Fleetwood Mac or Shania Twain or something crazy, so I’ve just always been into everything.

What’s the last thing you got stoked on? Be honest, no matter how quaint it may sound.

Probably something real ‘lovey’.

Like something you and your misso are into?

I’ve been listening to heaps of gangsta rap lately.

That’s a lie.

A$AP Rocky and shit. Kendrick Lamar.

That’s a lie.

It’s true. I have, all the time.

What about Angus and Julia Stone?

Angus and Julia Stone. I listen to a little bit of that. David Gray. F*@kIn’ hell dude.

Is that as quaint as it gets?

That’s pretty quaint. What else? John Farnham – I’ve been gettin’ into a bit of him lately.

int jack fardell 5-0 large

Proper gnarlage: frontside 5-0 on a bridge!

What was your very first Frontside Grind?

In my whole life?


It would’ve been at Queanbeyan Skatepark, probably on the three-foot quarter-pipe.

What about the most satisfying Frontside Grind you’ve ever done in your life?

Probably grinding the big wall at Burnside the very first time. Or . . . maybe when I was fifteen at the Belco Bowl Jam and I ollied over the channel to Frontside Grind – I was pretty stoked about that.

Jakey (Duncombe) did the same thing in a ‘Best Trick’ comp at Belco when he was fifteen.

I know. I think I ollied over to front fifty, and frontside grind. That was the first time I ever got into that bowl. I mean the first frontside grind in any pool is always amazing! Every frontside grind feels good: it’s the best trick in the whole world!

Talk about Pizzey.

Any trick you do in that thing you’re stoked about. I mean people rate Pizzey as one of the gnarliest bowls in the world, but I think it’s one of the best bowls in the world to ride. It’s so hard to get used to – I think I lived here for a year before I even knew where everything was and how the thing works.

I’d imagine it would be easy to take for granted, but do you ever think about the fact that you’ve got one of the best bigger bowls in the country, being Elanora, practically in your backyard, and how that’s possibly effected your skateboarding over the last few years?

I can literally throw a rock at Elanora from my house. I moved up to the Goldy when I was eighteen and they started building Elanora Bowl about six months later. At that point I was probably still skating more street stuff, but once that thing was built, and it was right there we’d just skate it every day. It changed the way I skate for sure.

I notice you’re skating a bunch of street for this SbA video part. How’d that come about?

I just wanted to balance the part out instead of being all transition. All the stuff I’ve had come out lately is just all transition so I wanted to go back to like when I was younger and only skated street.

How does filming street and tranny stuff differ?

Street skating is so different to transition skating. For me with transition skating I’m so used to running out of everything and because that doesn’t worry me I can get away with trying something in a bowl for a long time, where as with street skating it terrifies me. It’s so scary to jump down a rail or a gap so I want to do it straight away because I don’t want to be trying that stuff a thousand times.

int jack fardell vid seatbelt large

Buckle up tiger. Seatbelt. Stratton would be proud.

by Morgan Campbell

At time of press Jack is living in SF where he received a pretty radical welcome bonus in the form of winning the FTC “For the Cash” contest in front of (and ahead of) some serious skateboard royalty. In the same month he drops his debut video part with the support of SbA and Hurley. The project headed up by Riley Blakeway lit the internet on fire the instant it was flicked live. Having already raised some of the heaviest eyebrows in the industry and being an all around good human means Mr Fardell is here to stay and is bound to inspire for generations to come.

MC: How was it skating the FTC comp?

JF: The FTC contest was rad! The previous years they had set up a course in the store, this year they used the whole backyard, hired out the cafe/bar next door. They really know how to throw an event.

That course looked very tight… was it hectic trying to draw a line together?

The course had something for everyone, nice long quarter pipe to get back to the top of the roll in, ski jump with gap to options, Hubbas. Was really tight with so many people, lots of collisions but that’s what makes it fun right?

At what point did you feel you had a chance for the win?

Not once, was a complete shock when they announced it. My girlfriend was trying to get up close to get photos of me and I was telling her not to because I thought there was no way.

Did you have any idea of the level of legends present? I saw peeps like Huf and Tommy Guerrero in the crowd?

Of course! It was rad, FTC hired out the bar next door so all the DLX crew were posted up drinking and supporting! Mickey (Reyes), Jim Thibaud, John Alden, Frank (Gerwer), Tommy, Gabe (Morford), everyone.

Was it scary leaving the joint with a suitcase full of cash?

Yeah, really sketchy. My girlfriend and I don’t live to far from there. So when it was time to leave, we ran home with the briefcase and trophy as quick as we could. People were screaming out congratulations on the $10,000 while we were running through the street with it. We got it home safe though.

What was next for Jack… what did you get up to next?

I just moved in with my girlfriend in SF and just been skating everyday. I go out with DLX photog Gabe Morford and DLX filmer Biggs everyday. Skate with good friend from back home Dave Chami as well, he lives just over the bridge. I love it here, couldn’t be happier than where I’m at right now.

Your video part melted brains across the planet this week… did you get any feedback that stood out?

Of course when someone you look up to or have a lot of respect for say they loved watching it, it’s going to mean something. But just everyone’s response was rad; it makes working for it all worth it.

int jack fardell vid lip large
Hefty gap to lip <click to enlarge> or <click for sequence>.

What was the longest you travelled for one trick?

A lot of the footage was from trips I was on, the States, New Zealand, around Aus. I was on a WA trip and made sure Albany was on the schedule, flew into Perth and drove straight down there.

How was it to finally get to Albany? What did you notice about the place upon first roll?

Amazing, oldest park in the Southern Hemisphere (and as legend has it: also the oldest in the world – Ed). I’d always wanted to skate it. Well worth the mission if you love old rugged skateparks. When we got there we were being chased by the rain and was going to be dark within the hour. We pulled up, jumped out, Darren Kirby and Riley set up cameras straight away, bugs and I just had to go for straight for tricks. No time to mess around with that one.

How would you describe Albany to someone who hasn’t been there?

Doesn’t look like any skatepark kids are riding these days, but that’s my favourite shit. Old, rugged, chunky concrete.

Did you enjoy getting the street footage?

Yeah, I hadn’t been skating street for a while but I just got the fire to start skating street again. Since I’ve moved over here I’ve pretty much just been skating street, just handrails, kinked rails, SF spots, I’m having a lot of fun right now.

What is it like to be a part of the Anti Hero roster… was it something you dreamed of early on in your initial days as a skate rat?

I always wanted to ride AH, my first tattoo was the eagle. Julien, Cardiel, Hewitt, Trujillo and Grosso! Looked up to their skating since I was a kid. That’s how I like to look at skateboarding.

Are you the first Aussie to be on the Anti Hero team list?

I guess so, can’t think of anyone else.

If you were asked to add another Aussie member who would you pick?


How do you see yourself spending the rest of the year?

Just skating. Really enjoying being in the city, working on some new projects, another video part. Spend Christmas here with my girlfriend. 

Jack rides for: Anti Hero, Hurley, Globe, Spitfire, Independent, modus and Surf Dive ‘n’ Ski




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