Unless you yourself have been stranded on a deserted island, you would realize that The Island is set to ignite in Sydney Harbour this Saturday 10th of December. If you are wondering how to get to Cockatoo Island for The Island (the SbA Pro/Am Final) and the last days of the visual spectacular that is the Outpost Project this nifty clip might help you out. You can catch a train to Circular Quay, or you can skate from Central Station to Circular Quay. Here the nimble footed Josh Pall flows through peak hour and shows you one of the more direct routes. This special Island Edition of A to B is filmed by Shaun Graham.

On Saturday, once at Circular Quay you will be able to catch the majority of the Cockatoo Island ferries from Wharf 5. That is unless you catch one of the special ferries that will be running from Wharf 4. We also have a map made up explaining our geographical location and for more info check the Map to the Skater’s Island post.

A to B synopsis: If you ask any skater what their favourite aspect of rolling is, chances are they will mention the skate from A to B. It is all about the intermeshing of ollies up curbs, manuals, pressure nollies off of cracks, dodging traffic and swerving to miss small barking dogs. Whilst all this is going on you are warmed inside knowing that you are getting closer to your destination, whatever or wherever that may be. As homage to the journey, we have launched a video regular that is called “A to B”.




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