In the lead up to Thunderdome I had to do a data transaction with Sylva. He said to call him from North Sydney station, as he was skating near there with the lads. Upon exiting the station I had an odd feeling I wouldn’t need to call him again, I figured I would just be able to find them somehow. I was right. The first sign that I was closing in on the session was the chatter of urethane accelerating on bricks, followed by the clack of a tail. As I crossed the road to investigate I could here the familiar sound of a board sliding a ferocious wall, again acceleration was involved. You could hear the increase of frequency of gouges being made in the belly of the board. The slide was followed by a sound of a bail, the collective cheer / sigh of a posse and a couple of footsteps. By the time I had come within eyeshot of the session there he was again, ready for another dabble. The hill was so steep there was no need for a push; it was pretty much a matter of just dropping in. Drop in, bomb the hill for a bit, clack one up onto the waist high wall, boardslide for seven (or nine) metres, pop out without the end, dodge a pole and navigate the corner. Pure cheers ensued. This was the first time I had witnessed Dean Parsons on the streets first hand, and the guy has no problem in coersing his board into any situation he desires. I sat up above the spot on a park bench with Sylva, and we plugged my hard drive into his lappy. Whilst the gigabytes traversed between devices, we watched the rest of the session. Dean committed to the boardslide a few more times and then filmed a line ending with a death defying noseslide on a high ledge, dopping off over head height into a hill. After the half hour or so that I was present at the session I was convinced of one thing: Mr Parsons is a pedigree skate rat who has no choice but to push himself and his diminutive frame across and over the obstacles that he finds in his adventures. - Morgan Campbell

photos (except where noted): Sam Coady (click photos to view larger). 

SbA: Where were you born tiger?

Dean Parsons: I was technically born in Taree, but raised in Forster.

How did you stumble across this whole skateboarding thing?

I had an older sister who skated a little bit. Skating was new (to me) and was sort of the thing at the time. I’m pretty sure I just used my sister’s old one kick for ages till I stepped up my game and got a proper board for myself. That was when I was about twelve or so.

Forster is the town with a double identity right? Forster and Tuncurry. Was there any rift between the two sides that you know of?

Ha ha that’s the first I’ve heard of that. But what do I know? I’ll have to do some research. All I know is that Tuncurry means “a lot of fish” in aboriginal.

Where did you locate to after that Tuncuzza?

I moved to Newcastle for a while after I dropped outer school.

What was it like there?

Good man, it was heaps better for skating than Forster was. 

int parsons crunt large

Parsons knows cruntslide transfers (photo: Danny Jenkins) 

Then after Newcastle you moved to Canberra right?

Yeah that’s right, lived there for a few years too. Moved down there with a mate from Newy actually. 

How did you like being inland after a couple of coastal locations?

Ha ha, I liked Canberra. It’s not as bad as everyone thinks it is, met heaps of good crew, amazing spots. I sort of miss it some times.

 So where are you now?

In Sydney, which is good. I’m right near the city. So it’s easy to go skate, or do whatever really.

int parsons back-t-kf-out large

Feeling the G’s with a circumnavigational back tail kickflip out [ click for sequence ]

After all this moving around Oz do you think you will eventually relocate overseas?

Maybe eventually. Haven’t planned anything. But it’s definitely on the cards.

I hear you like a dabble with a pen and paper. What kinds of things do you like drawing?

Ha ha, yeah nothing particularly, just random shit really. 

Any particular artistic influences?

No not really. I’m down for whatever.

What about music, do you play any instruments?

Yeah, I play the guitar a little bit.

How long have you been playing for?

For a few years now, I’ve never been good, it just more of a time killer thing for me I think. 

If you were to pick your dream band from four people (alive or dead) who would you pick, what would they play, and what would the band be called?

Ha-ha wow that’s a tough question, so many possibilities. Don’t think I can answer that one.

int parsons fsflip-wall large

Dean kickflips into a fronside wallride off a Mega Ramp for ants (photo: Guy Miller).

You work at one distribution right?

Yeah I do, just in the warehouse part though. 

How did that come about?

Not sure really, I’ve just sort of worked there ever since I moved to Sydney.

What is your specialty at work?

Ha ha don’t really think I have one, I’m pretty good with the tape gun, if that counts. 

A classic Davo spot gets the backnose bluntslide biggy treatment [ click for sequence ]

A classic Davo spot gets the backnose bluntslide biggy treatment [ click for sequence ]

Did you go on tour with the Supra mob when they were out here?

Yeah Gabbers, Benny and I did Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. 

Best experience on the tour?

There are way too many man, the whole trip was amazing. I’d have to say getting to meet and skate with Ellington for sure, watching Lizard kill the Belco demo and the list goes on.

What are your plans this next year?

No real plans. Hang in Sydney and keep skating I guess. Our lease was up so we had to bail. Plus Sylva broke his wrist so wont be working for a while. So it was the perfect timing to get back on the couch game. No real plans for the next couple of month. Just make the most of the couch life. Hopefully get a new place. Sydney the place to be. So I am definitely going to hang around here.

int parsons port-large

Damage scoping (photo: Guy Miller).

Dean basically loves skating and progressing, whether it means taking one hundred heavy slams or landing a trick first try, the approach is always the same. He is the one guy that’s always keen to get on the mish early and stay out late. Plus: he is funny and someone you can rely on. Legend is a good word to some up that Dean Parsons guy.Anthony De Sylva

Dean rides for: Folklore, Supra, Krew, Theeve and Sprout




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