From the age of ten Chima Ferguson has been copping mad stares all over the joint. It is not because he has some kind of freaky tick, a funky walk, a triple hair part, nor a designer dog. It is purely because of the magic that happens when he is paired up with the rolling board. You see Chima has that unique mix of springbok legs, graceful style, outrageous balance and nerves of pure titanium. This makes him a perfect candidate to be one of those professional skateboarding types. Yes, even in this current realm; where we have super heroes conquering unthinkable chasms and technicians rattling off multi-syllabic combinations: Chima calmly holds his own. After being am for eons, traveling the planet multiple times, and performing countless documented feats: Chima has definitely earned his stripes. If you want to get an idea of just how gnar The Fergus can indeed get, take a look at his recent Transworld cover. Yup, there he was frontside boardsliding a So Cal rail that was christened by Rowley (backside), back in the Sorry video era. But you know what? Chima-san can slide down that mo-fo backwards. Scary thing is that he could probably do it switch. I mean this guy switch back tails hubbas for breakfast. In the interview that follows we talk to Chima about his OG-lust for a Wu board, his first trip to America, the Real video, the up and coming Vans video, his new home and why and when we should expect him back on home turf. Chima: keep doing what you do tiger, it really is a pleasure on the old retinas.

Photos: Andrew Mapstone Words: Morgan Campbell

MC: Where were you born?
CF: Coffs Harbour, New South Wales.

Where did you grow up?
Villawood, in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. 2163!

What is the gnarliest thing you have seen go down in Villawood?
General drug dealing and fights like that.

I read in your chrome ball interview that you were inducted into skateboarding via your bro. Your first proper board was a third hand Muska?
My first board was from Kmart. I think the Muska came a couple hand me downs later.

Where did that board come from?
From my brother where I used to get all my goods from.

How old were you when you got that board?
Around ten I think.

Had you already started skating the city then?

What was the city scene like then? What were the main spots?
Everyone was all about being fresh back then. I had no money, so seeing everyone with fresh Axions ‘n’ Wu Tang boards mad me hungry. The usual spots like Martin Place n Cannonball were a given on any weekend.


Chima throwing some pleasant shapes via a lengthy backlip

I remember when you were pea-sized and you had a check out in asm doing the biggest acid drop ever. It was seemingly two and a half times head height. Was there any reason why you were not frightened of drops this size?
My brother bought the video by Zero called ‘Misled Youth’. They were all about big gaps and rails. I wanted to be just like them I suppose.

Before too long we were off to the States on the Boost Venice to Vegas trip. How old were you and what is the fondest memory you have of the trip?
I was fourteen years old. I just remember it being the first time I’d seen anything away from Australia so everything was a trip. Seeing Hollywood was tight.

Which of the international Aussies have been able to help you out the most?
Dustin for sure. He got me a lot of what I have now. Cheers Dustin!

Not too long ago you finished up filming for the Real Video. This must have been a pretty epic project to work on. Such a sick team. Such high standards all round. Were there any particularly brutal battles?
Its all pretty hard to do just depends on how your feeling on the day. It all just blurs into one big mission really.

That front board was messed up. How did you get the courage to jump back on that beast after that hefty (wrist breaking) slam?
We drove like a bit over an hour to get there. I needed a last trick and I didn’t want to let down Mapstone so handled that. I don’t normally skate like that though I guess it was something special maybe.


Springbocking yourself over a rail down onto an out ledge is no joke.

What was the next video project you embarked on?
We’re doing the Vans video now, which is due in like 2013.

Is this why you are in LA now?
Yeppp West Hollywood!

Who are you living with now?
Dustin and Tyler Szafranski he is Braydon’s brother.

With Greg Hunt at the helm of the Vans video, it will no doubt be amazing. He is such a gifted unit (film/photo/skateboarder). Did you ever see his part in the Stereo video Tin Can Folklore? Does he still have a shred?
Yeah Greg’s been skating a lot more these days. Seen him ripping up some Cali red curbs. He did a 360 flip the other day too. Greg is tight.

Has there been anything noticeably different from working on the Real vid to working on this one?
I filmed a lot of the (Real) video with my homie Choi. With this one it will be mainly with Greg or Cody Green (the other Vans filmer). This one is gunna be real good.


Stoinked switch frontside 180 whilst under the watchful eye

I know you prefer to film at spots in Australia than in the States, will you get a chance to do this for the Vans video?
Yeah I’ll be home for a bit of summer so ill try to get it handled while I’m out there.

Earlier in the year you entered the Shocklands comp. I’m not really familiar with you being involved with that many comps. What was it with Shocklands that attracted your attention?
Dollar dollar bills (smiles). Yeah not normally too down for contests but everyone was going so it turned out to be tight. Seeing a bunch of people in the same spot at the same time is rare, so I like it when that happens.

Will you be back for ‘The Island’ competition in December (SbA’s 3rd round of the pro am series)?

What are you going to do now that this interview has been taken care of?
Call Ikea and find out where my bed is! Peace!!!


Chima rides for: Real, Vans, Volcom, Thunder, Spitfire, Diamond, and Fast Times




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