It was amazing. It just didn’t fall off. Whether he was switch heeling the double set or back lipping the rail, his hat just miraculously stayed on. I had theories of Velcro involvement or that maybe it was a size too small. There was no other way it could have remained on his dome. Then I rewound my thoughts, and realised that maybe he was skating so confidently and so smoothly that his head simply wasn’t moving. Board was obviously flipping busy, legs were mildly going off, upper bod was pretty casual, and his head... his head seemed to stay completely still. Over the past few years Blake has been turning heads in the Australasian region and overseas. Aside from melters of video parts, consistent mag and net coverage, Blake has also proved his overall potency during the 2012 Nike SbA Pro/Am Tour. Where won Stop #1, took out a third at Shocklands (Stop #2) and is in second in the Pro/Am Rankings as a result. This Saturday (December 1st) Stop #3 (Thunderdome) is taking place inside the Hordern Pavilion and if Blake performs his usual casual, fearless ripping the 2012 Oz Championship could easily be his. Either way, one thing is for sure: Blake will continue to shred for a long time yet, and after the following chat we just had, I realise that occasionally his hat does fall off, but he is def one of those types to catch it mid rollaway.

interview: morgan campbell
photos: angus scotford and matt hooker
(click pics to view larger)

MC: So you were born in Murwillumbah right? Explain that place to someone who has never been?
BH: No, I was born in Gosford on the Central Coast, moved to Murwillumbah when I was about twelve. It’s a small country town not much goes on, but some great people and a good little skatepark.

Were you living there during the great flood of 2008?
Yeah, I was living out at Byrill Creek which is thirty minutes out of town into the bush, we were flooded in for a week and me an a homie went rapid riding, Good times.


varial heels very rarely look this awesome in stills (scotford)

How did you get exposed to skateboarding?
It all started in year four: me an my mates were talking about buying skateboards… I happened to have a bit of pocket money saved up so that afternoon went home got my cash stash went to Rebel Sport an bought a $40 set up… been skating ever since!

Where were you then?
We were living at Avoca Beach on the Central Coast.

Where have you been the last few months?
The last few months I have been in the States, staying in California.

Where exactly have your travels taken you during this time?
I flew into San Diego, Jake from Orion trucks picked me up stayed with him for a bit and met up with some local homies in Carlsbad. I filmed with these guys for a couple of weeks. Then Jake hooked me up with Luke Hampton as he rides for Orion as well and was heading to the Woodward comp, I met up with Luke and a crew of skaters with a filmer who were staying at Jake Brown’s pad. So we drove down did the contest thing for the weekend, filmed a little bit on the way back. Jake Brown has a small crew living in his lounge room who went out skating everday and he said I was welcome to stay and film for as long as I want. So we went out everyday for a couple weeks, filmed a bunch of clips. Then Mike Sinclair from Foundation hooked me up with Nick Merlino who lives in Long Beach. Nick was a real nice dude and he ended up having a spare room at his pad that he rented out to me for a generous price. This is where I spent the last few weeks of my trip; we went out skating a bunch and hung out with a bunch of cool homies!

Did you have any celebrity sightings in Long Beach?
Yeah seen some pro shredders getting around Long Beach.

Who have you been skating with over there?
Man I was skating and chilling with so many different people when I was over there.


noseblunt pop out with clout (hooker) [ click to animate ]

You went pretty well in that contest at Woodward right? Were there heavies in that comp or mostly guys you haven’t heard of?
Yeah thanks man, I ended up getting third place I was pretty happy with that as there were around a hundred others shredders competing and everyone was skating a such a high level. It was mainly a bunch of shredders I hadn’t heard of but everyone was killing it!

What do you think is the big difference between skating in America and Australia?
I’m not too sure how to answer that it is like a different world over there.

I have been informed that you have a fondness for golf. When did this begin?
Yeah I do, this began at the start of this year when I went up to have a putt with a few mates at the practice green at Murwillumbah I was hyped on it. It was daylight savings so me and my homie Jamie started playing three or four holes in the arvos after the golf club closed.

Do you think there are any similarities between golf and skateboarding?
Well, not really but I find when I play golf before I skate it helps me skate better, I thinks it just clears your head and focuses your brain.

Would you prefer to be a pro golfer or skater?
Skating will always be my passion, golf is a hobby, so pro skater for sure!

What would the skateboarding equivalent of getting a hole in one do you think?
That’s a tough one.


switch heel on his way to the library (hooker)

Whatever it is I am pretty sure you had got several of them to date. You are sitting pretty high in the Nike SbA Pro/Am rankings at the moment (in second place). I take it you are going in Thunderdome and are keen to have a shot at the Oz Champion title?
Yeah definitely, I’ll be there for sure!

You seem to be pretty consistent in the contest environment, do you skate the same way when you are out filming with the homies?
Yeah I guess so.

What is your secret to remaining so calm?
Just have fun, breath and try not to stress.

What is the secret to your hat staying on?
It doesn’t.


frontside half cab flip into a burly bank with a gnarly ejection curb (scotford)

Did you see your photo from Shocklands that was in the Skateboarder’s Journal?
Yeah I saw it yesterday! I was pretty stoked they used it.

Have you had a look at the course for Thunderdome?
Yeah I’ve had a look at it, it looks like a good setup!

Any particular obstacles tickle your fancy?
I like the curved quarter pipe.

The Boomeramp? Yeah she has polished up a treat! Who are you looking forward to skating with there?
Everyone really these events always have a great crew of Aussie shredders!

Any plans for next year?
I want to move over to Cali for a few months!!

I’m sure it will go really well for you. See you at Thunderdome mate.
See ya there mate.

Blake rides for: Foundation, Dekline, Skullcandy, Orion, Type-S and Pharside




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