By Morgan Campbell (SbA Head Judge)

This past Saturday the SbA Dew Amateur series rolled into Australia’s biggest city: old Sydney town. The NSW qualifier was held at the much-loved Fernside park, aka Waterloo. The square assortment of banks, rails, hubbas and ledges acted as a perfect setting for the jam format contest. The weather was pretty much perfect all day, but it did conveniently rain just before and after. Nice one weather gods. My co-judges were two of En Zed’s finest: Bjorn Johnston and Bernie Foo. SbA had also flown down Richard Flude to co-mcee and he was all over the Mike like Slick Rick mid freestyle. 


Well well well, where do we begin? I feel quite honoured to have watched the juniors in the Sydney round; I feel that I was given a glimpse of some of Australia’s future skate legends. Everyone in the top eight was amazing. But my number of pixels are limited here so ill just go into the top three. Third place getter Mike Mendoza was down from the Goldy and his dominance in the first heat made me certain he was going to take out the juniors. So fast and so smooth! In the finals he stomped a kickflipped down the massive three with awkward run up, and during practice he was tossing out al dente 540 flips Nugget style. Dani Campbell (the man in white with a storm trooper helmet to boot) was another stand out: backfoot flips, corkscrewed back threes out of the kicker, boltsy front shuvs, and well caught nollie big spin heels. Dani snatched second. But it was Ryder Lawson who was writing his own laws son. Damn cowboy was shredding. Total prodigy he is. Silky smooth back threes, three sixty shuvs, and well pointed back smiths. He cruised around the whole course hitting up obstacles that seemed to be double his height. An absolute pleasure to watch. 

1. Ryder Lawson
2. Dani Campbell 
3. Mikey Mendoza 


This was probably the hardest final we have had to judge so far. Again the top eight in this one could definitely hold their own at the final at The Shed. In third was Rob Kenworthy who is a slicked back powerhouse. Think hair of Nick Kilderry and the power of Chey Ataria. During the final he over the top 50-ed the small rail and kickflip front boarded the rail with crispy clear perfection. In second was the Spicolli / Lizard King hybrid known as John Dykyj. John massacred the course: tre’s and kickflips down the big three, 50/50s to bod varial down the hubba, and some interesting gap lines. First place getter was the late entrant known as Gabbers. Hailing from Ulverstone and residing in Darlinghurst, damn, homie’s got skills: kickflip 5-0 grinds down the hubba, over the top nosegrinds on the small rail, a massive gap into the tight Shane wall and finally a flawless kickflip backside tailslide to fakie down the hubba. 

1. Gabriel ‘Gabbers’ Summers 
2. John Dykyj
3. Rob Kenworthy 




Epic. A big thankyou to all involved. Perth’s next. What will Manning bring us? Check out the video from the day below.




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