By Morgan Campbell (SbA Head Judge)

For the SbA crew it has been a fierce nine weeks that have taken us to every single state and one territory. This past Saturday we rolled into the final stop for the qualification rounds of the 2011 SbA Dew Series. The location – Perth, to be more specific – Manning skatepark. Manning is a hit with locals, visitors, and travelling pros alike. (When the Lakai mob were in Perth a few years ago they demanded to go there for a night session.) Manning is infectious. It certainly isn’t the craftsmanship involved with the creation of the park that makes it amazing (it is built pretty badly). It isn’t the location either – it’s in the middle of a large bleak park. But there is something about the layout that gets everyone amped. From the wallie box, to the Alex Campbell kicker gap, to the spine, to the ledges and rails: it all just flows so well. This Saturday’s comp put another glorious notch on a park that has seen some of the most epic sessions that have ever gone down on this island continent. The weather was toasty, the skies were clear, our skate fortress was assembled, the VX was white balanced and the MC’s were primed. The combined forces of our voices Richard Flude and Brendon Sim held more positivity than a planet of Dalai Lamas. My two assisting judges were Perth legends Ben McLachlan and Harry Clark.


4-6 5-6


The juniors held it down proving yet again that this country is going to continue to produce rippers into the far distant future. In fourth and receiving a wildcard entry to the final was Jamey Foxton who hailed from Sydney, and randomly happened to be in Perth for the last qualification round of the series. Jamey flowed around the course as if he skated there every week. I think I saw him do a back smith to back Suski grind, which was pretty refreshing. Aaron Suski may I introduce you to Mike Smith? In third place was lankster Matthew Doyle who was the least vertically challenged of his division yet had only lived 12 years on the planet. Mathew generally ruled the joint and twisted up and sparked a front three off the side of the fun box. Second place getter was Aaron Winter. He must be the long lost love child of Sammy Winter, because he had very Winterish kickflips, with even our filmer Matty Hooker making the comparison before we realized they shared a surname! Damn – homie had skills. In first was Rin Hutchenson. Rin hails from South Freo and has been a regular at Woolies since he was eye level with an axel nut. Anyone who grows up there inevitably gets ridiculously good at flatground and ledge tricks and Rin is no exception. Rin blitzed backside five –o 180s, backside nosegrinds and feeble 180’s always with absolute calm and ease. If you don’t know him now, you soon will. Rin there done that.

1. Rin Hutchenson

2. Aarron Winter

3. Matthew Doyle

4. Jamey Foxton (wildcard)

6-7 7-2


Thirty two people in the open! It was pretty heavy work for us judges. So many different styles, so much going on at once, and only one outcome. Talk about brain freeze! There were actually more than ten people in the open who had the ability to place top three. Serious talent out west! In fourth place (and also receiving a wildcard to the final) was Scott Hetherington. Scott was super legit, spicing up back smiths and frontal feebs down the round rail and stoking every single judge with a nollie hard over the fun box. Third place was clenched by young Paul “Froggy” Bruno who must have hit up ebay recently and purchased rights to the backside boneless. That’s right this guy actually owns the backside boneless: back bones on the quarter, back bones to revert and even a back bone 180 over the kicker. He even threw in a wallie back lip on the clisel block. In second place was Joe Fleming who blitzed Manning with frontside flips on the 1/4, blunt kickflips and a back three over the kicker-gap. Joshua McMurray started his final run by taking a swipe at what is left of Perth’s ozone layer with an attempt at the Bartie gap (from quarter to wallie fun box). He was successful on his second attempt, but went so far and high that he actually floated past his landing target. This guy is one high-powered unit! Massive kickflips, backside flips, gaps to back 5-0 and crooks over the same fun box and powering havoc all over the joint. Thanks to everyone involved in this comp and all the preceding ones. See you at the final come the 16th of April. Yew!

1. Joshua McMurray

2. Joe Fleming

3. Paul “Froggy” Bruno

4. Scott Hetherington (wildcard)

8-1 9-2





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