SbA Dew Series 2011 – VIC Results

By Morgan Campbell (SbA Head Judge) 

This Saturday saw the Victorian round of the SbA Dew series go down at the often-overlooked Clifton Hill Skatepark. Clifton is a street plaza boasting loads of ledges and manual pads as well as an absolutely epic view of the city of Melbourne. It is so ‘street’ that there was not one tranny in sight (except for a couple of cross dressers in the BBQ area that is). The judges who came on board during this round were Mike Martin and Anthony Mapstone and despite the heat (it was over 30) they did a stellar job. As always it was run in a jam format with 14 & Under and 15 & Over divisions.



JUNIORS (14 & under)
In third place was Dean Johnston who attacked the six-stair rail with five-0 and smith grinds and performed a creative nose wheelie to nose grind on the out ledge off the three. In second was a true radical: Matty Dee (D’Ambrosio) who charged kickflips down the long six and backside 5-0s down the diesel hubba that stood next to the steps. If Matty stayed on a little more in the final he could have won with his gun ho approach to the Clifton plaza. Sam Atkins laid down at least twenty tricks in the final jam, and they were all textbook: tre flips, front shuvs, and even a 5-0 down the big hubba. Amazing skateboarding, this kid is sure going to go places. 

1. Sam Atkins 
2. Matt D’Ambrosio 
3. Dean Johnston 


OPEN (15 & over)
The open was home to at least six, maybe nine guys who could have held their own at the finals. Will Hine killed it all day. Crooked grinds and backside smiths down the hubba were too easy for him! Even though he placed fourth, he was given a wild card entry to the final at the shed in April. In third was UK’s Danny Jack who casually tech annihilated the set up with nollie 180s to switch backside 5-0’s, nollie crooksies, and nose wheelies to switch manual. He was a tech balance bandit who stoked everyone out. In second was the ultra fresh Matt Beard who styled kickflips down the big set, performed nollie flips out of nose wheelies and kickflips into nose wheelies and stomped a kickflip nose wheelie nollie flip out but got ripped off by an angry round of wheel bite. Again, Matt had the arsenal to win the comp, but got ousted half way through the final jam by another transplant. Mat Kinsman is the nicest guy ever, unless you are a skateable object that is, coz he will destroy you! Where do I start? First try kickflip back tail off the out ledge, gap to back tail shuvs, tailslide kickflips and 270’s, backside 180s down the long six and a blunt down the mumma hubba! It was his day!

1. Mat Kinsman 
2. Matt Beard 
3. Danny Jack 
4. Will Hine (wildcard) 



Thanks to everyone involved for another ripping day.




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