SbA Dew Series 2011 – TAS RESULTS

By Morgan Campbell (SbA Head Judge)

Saturday the 12th of February saw the SbA Dew series pull into Tasmania’s picturesque Devonport park. The skatepark there seriously has one of the best beachside settings you will ever see in Australia. The serenity was so thick that it literally could be seen dripping off everyone present. The assortment of obstacles is also incredible and features a myriad of ledge combos, square and round rails, a hum dinger of a vert wall and even a mini-kinked jersey barrier thingamee whatsit. People came from all over the state of Tassie, and even across the Tasman. The weather was perfection. The planets had aligned. It was on! My fellow judges were two Tasmanian legends: Jimmy (from Jimmy’s skate) and Dix (who had a sick interview in the last Skateboarder’s Journal).



Holy guacamole: the juniors were killing it! In third place was the man with the best name in the contest: Fergus Doherty. Fergus looked so calm on a board and charged around ollieing everything in his path. His style oozed confidence and even though he didn’t skate to his full potential he made it through to the finals where he will be a serious threat in the April final. In second was the determined tiny ten-year-old tacker Beau Kelly. What a ruler. If you were to combine v8 Mini Cooper S, a pit-bull and a seventies era Eric Dressen you would more than likely end up with some one who skates like Beau. Beau kickflipped off the side of the flat bank, and ollied the big bank to flat (catching the last bit of the tranny). In first place was Jack Atkins who’s feet clearly had skills. He nailed seemingly effortless tre flips, frontside flips and nollie big spins.

1. Jack Atkins
2. Beau Kelly 
3. Fergus Doherty


There were more rippers in the Tassie open than we had seen at any other stop to date. There were at least ten people who had the skills to win. There were a couple of qualifying heats that looked like a final. First try kickflip nose grinds? They went down (courtesy of Ben Smith)! Cab flips up the euro? Yup Aaron Lister took care of them. In third was Ben Walters who threw tech nuttage all over the shop. Amongst other tech atrocities he big spin heeled up the Euro and tailslide to biggy on the long curved ledge. In second was the shaggy Blair Howard who took frontside feeble grinds to fakie across the long bump to bar, big flipped up the Euro and had back tails to die for. In first was the Lutzka-esque Brendon “Hillbilly” Hill who was clearly a stand out from the qualifiers on. The sunnie-clad Hillbilly charged through long frontside nose grinds, back lips down the rail, gaps to salad and even nailed a full speed quick up to front blunt on an out ledge. Total shredder.

1. Brendon Hill 
2. Blair Howard 
3. Ben Walters


Thanks to everyone involved for making the Devonport stop so rememberable. Oh big ups to the weather gods too! See below for the video wrap up of the day.




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