By Morgan Campbell (SbA Head Judge)

While the masses crammed into the streets, venues and performance spaces for Adelaide’s Fringe Festival, we held our own celebration down at the City Park this past Saturday. It coincided with the fifth State Qualification round for this year’s SbA Dew series which was falling in Adelaide’s lap this week. For those of you not familiar with the City Park, it is MASSIVE! Hubbas, stairs, bump to hubbas, manual pads, hips, pyramids, kinked spines, ledges: you name it and City Park has either got one or two versions of it. There was a sizeable crowd down there for the comp, and a good percentage of that included local shredders, all rearing to unleash four wheeled stuntage on the course. Locals hired to help me judge were the legendary Andy Walker and internationally acclaimed Cale Nuske. We are talking skate royalty here!


As with most of the stops, there were one or two guys in the juniors who’s board control is far beyond their pint-sized demeanour. After showing up at Clifton Hill (VIC) and Devonport (TAS) we were not too surprised to see wee Bradley “Biscuit” Saunders at the Adelaide stop. This time he put together some solid runs including hippy jumps, channel ollies and even a nine stair ollie. Welcome to the finals Biscuit! In second was Joseph O’Boyle who also ollied the nine and even snapped a fatty to flatty in the big bowl. Jay “J-Bird” Runciman was clearly going to win it from his first qualifying run’s performance alone. You could tell that this kid is completely at home on a skateboard. He ollied and backside 180’d the nine at the start of his run and by the time he had finished his three minute demolition of the course he had also kickflipped them. He also grinded the massive ten stair hubba! J-Bird for SOTY in 2020!

1. Jay Runciman 
2. Joseph O’Boyle 
3. Bradley Saunders


Some seriously talented peeps rocked the finals. In fourth was Clint Kenneally who held on to backside flips down the nine stair in both qualifying and final runs. We extended a Wild Card invite to Clint for the final at The Shed in April. In third was the burgundy clad Tom Luptain who stoked onlookers with kickflips and tre flips down the nine and silky noseblunt slides on the dog kennel (bump to hubba). In second was the casual Brad McDermott who back lipped and front lipped the big rail and nose grinded the air conditioner (fun box ledge). Brad blitzed it! From the beginning of his qualification run it was clear that George Newsholme was going to win. His style oozed confidence and it was backed up with serious consistency. I think I only saw him miss two tricks during the whole day! Where do I begin? Over-torqued backside crail slides, blunt kickflip fakies, backside 180 nosegrinds on the kennel, backside nose grinds down the hubba, backside noseblunt reverts on the bank to ledge, switch heels up a three stair and switch tre flips down the same. George is well and truly off his guts.

1. George Newsholme 
2. Dale McDermott 
3. Tom Luptain 
4. Clint Kenneally







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