SbA Dew Series 2011 – ACT Results


By Morgan Campbell (SbA Head Judge)

Saturday the 22nd of January saw the ACT round of the SbA Dew series held at the ridiculously epic Woden skatepark. I had peeped some clips of the park prior to this weekend, but nothing could prepare me for what they created in Woden just over a year ago. The park has everything: banks galore, proper rails, tacos, reverse tacos, bowls, ledges, bank to blocks, bank to walls, lumps, bumps and whoop-dees. It is an adventure playground that would put a smile on any geezer. As this is a qualification series that leads to a street final at the Cranbourne shed, the Woden comp was held on the ‘street’ part of the park.



The crew this week was the same as last except in ACT we had locals Jim Fowlie and Matt Casey helping with the judging and frankly Cuzza couldn’t have picked two better guys for the job. The four-man jam format had everyone on their toes, especially us judges and of course our filmer / photographer Matty Hooker. If you read about tricks in this here spiel and don’t see footage or photos of the tricks it is important to remember that Matt is filming a minimum of four people at once, and more often than not guys make their tricks first try. Definitely peep the clip though, as some gold was captured.




JUNIORS (14 and under)
The Juniors came out swinging! In third place was Mac Blanken, who was rocking a blue and grey remix of a Where’s Wally shirt. So where was Blanky you ask? Boardsliding the living daylights out of the big rail and generally owning the rest of the joint. Second place getter: Mitchell Folley should have been called Mitchell Flowy. He hit up everything with a calm demeanour and boardslid the big bump to ledge (which was shoulder height to the 12 year old tacker). Boardslides are so hot right now! Early in the day I thought Mitchy would probably win, but later on I would be proved wrong. The man with the best mastery of the course on Saturday was the 11 year old Jack O’Grady from Caringbah NSW. Amongst other manouvres he did boardslide shuvs on the bump to bar, crooks down the small hubba and sweet nollie heels. Jack looked great on the board.

  1. Jack O’Grady
  2. Mitchell Folley
  3. Mac “Mac” Blanken


OPEN (15 and over)
Holy shmoke. The open division final was off its lips. Serious shreddery that made grown men cry. Nigel Banks may have got third but he clearly won the haircut of the contest, well to tell you the truth he was probably a tie with DCJ (Dad Cam Jack) whose mullet glistened all day. There was something about Nigel’s hair though, what a lord! What made me really happy was not just the lack of fringe, but the buoyancy and glow and shrubbery of the back sector. I mean for all we know this guy could have just walked out of a 1980 shampoo advertisement. Mullet aside this guy ripped. Easily the most tech skating of the weekend: nollie flip crooked grinds, kickflip backside nose grinds, flip back tail fakies and even a frontside nollie flip to nose blunt on a bank: ferocious! Kenny Hammond warmed up in qualification, as he was late to the comp, but he put together some seriously comprehensive runs with tre flips down the Euro into the bank, also over the entire bank to flat and a half cab nose slide down the big rail. It was pretty clear who was going to win first place. Reece Warren is known as “The Beast” for a reason. He is a beast, not in an unsightly way either. His skating oozes confidence and power. First try rarities were getting thrown all over Woden: 270 lips, hurricanes, nosebunt slides on the bank, well pointed back smiths, oozey back lips and beastly kickflip 5-0s down the huge hubba.

  1. Reece “The Beast” Warren
  2. Kenny Hammond
  3. Nigel Banks

Thanks to everyone who was involved for a ripping day. See you next week at Clifton Hill.







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