Yep. That’s how you do a crail air.

Words: Morgan Campbell
Photos: Dave Adair

Earlier in the year I was in Mike D’s driveway in Canberra. We were exiting the car after an epic skate at Charnwood Bowl. Mike was juggling all his gear and locking up the car he got a phone call. I only heard one half of the call but it went something along these lines.

“Who’s this?”
“Sorry mate I have got bad receppo.”
“Reece? Oh G’day Reece.”
“How are ya mate? You coming to the comp tomorrow? Cough Splutter. Hey wait I’m in the middle of something, I’ll put you onto Morgs… hey Morgs you know Reece don’t ya?” he said as he handed me the phone. “Tell him about the comp Morgs.”

No I didn’t know Reece Warren. Sure, I was familiar with some of his ferocious stunt wooding and what I had seen incorporated multi kinked handrails, backside disasters on buildings, burl dog transfers: basically all terrain mayhem. Reece was pretty casual on the phone, and asked me a few questions about the Woden round of the 2011 SbA Am series, which was to take, place the next day. I explained to him that it was a qualifier and that there was no money on offer tomorrow, but through placing top three you would make it thru to the final and potentially win up to $1500.
“I’ll drive over for a look he said”.

I met him the next day and he was a true champ. That kind of blue-collar charmingly Aussie kind of skater. Definitely one who does it for the sensations and not for the look. Reece easily won the Woden round of the comp. He blazed around the joint with zee most powerful kickflips, and on point hubba and rail action. Yep: he came down for a look. And he won.

Fast-forward a couple of months and I was standing up the top of precarious indoor scaffolding judging stand inside Cranbourne’s Shed Skatepark. The whole joint reeked of shock. Reece had blitzed the field. You know those gnarly helicopters that dump like a whole lake of water on a fire? A massive blaze can be knocked out in one water drop. What are they called? Oh Elvis that’s it. Well that’s what Reece did to the shed. He Elvised the joint. One minute it looked gnarly, and the next it was tamed… smouldering. Reece won. It is not the only thing Reece has won. He also wins perpetually…. at life. Here is a slice. Get amongst it – MC


Yep. Now that’s a front board gap out. This spot is no doubt about twenty times as gnarly as it looks.


MC: Where were you born?
RW: Pambula, New South Wales

What do you do for a living?
Abalone diver and do a bit of fishing

How many months of the year do u do this?
Diving about 2 or 3 months and then fishing all year round but pretty casual.

What does an average day at work involve?
Getting up at daylight, check the ocean conditions; if calm head out in my boat down the coast get wetsuit on do about three or four hours on the bottom chipping off abs, filling bags. Then get out have some lunch then back in the water and do a few more hours, get out in the arvo; head home and weigh in the days catch.

Do you work with hard-core characters?
Not really the guy that got attacked by the great white shark is pretty hardcore I think, but he is out of the game now. Most of the older divers around here are tripping pretty hard. I think years of diving fucks with your head.

When did you start skating?
I started skating when I was really young I think like four. When I went to school I sort of stopped and just did what my mates were doing, like ride bikes and that. Then I got keen as on it again when I was like eleven and have been keen as ever since.

Being from such an isolated place did you have to travel far to skate?
When I was young there was a real good half pipe about fifteen minutes up the road so I skated there. Also a mate had some jump ramps and that we used to skate, then when I got older and keener I started to head to Canberra which is about three hours away.


Who was the first Aussie pro you ever saw?
I can’t remember but I went to a skate comp at Ulladulla and seen Dorfus skate and I was pretty shocked with his skating. He was doing the fastest grinds and the biggest airs: I was pumped on that.

How has the last year been for you – skatewise?
The last year has been good I think, I’ve done a few trips, it’s been heaps of fun.

Were you stoked to win the SbA am series?
Yes I was heaps stoked to win the SbA am series; there were so many good skaters there. And at the finals and I got lucky stoked on the $1500 too.

What are you working on now?
Trying to get sum footage together for a new Hoon video

Where will filming for this take you?
We are heading to Portland, Oregon tomorrow, and then I think we are going to New Zealand later in the year.

Australia is obviously one of the world’s skate paradise. But, what are the top five other countries you would like to visit over the next few years?
I don’t really have a top five I just won’t to do as much traveling as I can.

I have noticed that you are not very scared on a skateboard. Is there anything in particular that u think stole your fear- your work perhaps?
I think I have fear on a skateboard; I just try to have a go I guess.

Sum up each of your HOON teammates in three words?
Dorfus: fast gnarly
Cuzz: shreds top bloke
Blair: egg plants fuknoath
Max: tranny killer
Bugs: best lad ever ripper
Jim: family man

Reece rides for: Fallen Shoes, Hoon, Theeve, Finn’s Skateshop

Yep. That is one solid kickflip.




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