Words: Morgan Campbell
Photos: Duncan Ewington (click to enlarge).
Video: Ryan Grant, Chris Middlebrook and Morgan Campbell. 

Back in 2000 in the Melbourne suburb of Reservoir, a sinking bitumen area copped a concrete slab and the foundations of a minimal skatepark were made. As the years have gone on Rezy has transcended the word skatepark, and has in fact graduated to becoming a street spot. Its imperfections make it perfect and it has fast become a favourite for many local, interstate and international skaters.

recon rezy scott-standley-pivot large

These barriers are tight as they come. Scott Standley frontside pivot.

Though the collective brainstorming from the likes Barney Wilson, Manu Sheldon and the rest of the Darebin City Council crew about five years ago a tram barrier and a fire hydrant were added to the assortment of obstacles! The addition of a Melbourne skateboard icon meant that Rezy had reached legendary status.

recon rezy sextet large

The old elements: as raw as it gets. (photos: Campbell)

When murmours of an extension emerged, everyone was stoked to say the very least. Just now, after a couple of years of anticipation: it has been finished. The new Rezy will be open as of tomorrow (April 13th 2013). The extensions have stayed true to the original vibe, with a mish-mash of surfaces, recycled objects and real found street obstacles laid alongside a few skater-designed elements. They managed to do it all for $50,000 which included the pouring of concrete slabs under every new obstacle.

recon rezy kickerrail large

The snake and kicker rail in their new home.

“Reservoir skatepark is made up of only individual obstacles, some of them not even originally designed for skateboarding. Which gives Reservoir it’s own charm and the feeling of real street skateboarding. I rarely say no to a Reservoir session, and when I do I’m pissed I did!” – Nick Boserio

recon rezy tim-williams-jam large

Tim Williams Christened the PJFH (pole jam from hell). 

“It’s just got a different vibe. It’s like an old, crusty and rugged spot rather than a skatepark, in the sense you have to push a lot when you skate there. I guess keeping it simple can work really well sometimes and it has there. Oh the tram barrier being there is genius.” – Harry Clark

recon rezy slide large

An old slide got converted into a tumultuous slappy ledge / kicker affair.

“Most skaters will have a certain day they can remember as their ‘best skate ever’, I’ve had so many of these at Rezy that I’ve lost count. Now the place is twice the size there will be twice the fun!”– Mike Martin

recon rezy mitch-crook-bonk large

Mitch Robertom with a crook bonk on the backrest of a legit park bench.

Details of tomorrow’s launch can be found over on the Rollin Darebin facebook, and the flyer can be seen here. Sessions begin at 3pm and Reservoir is located at Leamington Street in Reservoir, Victora.  Map located at the bottom of the page.

Now this is what you have been scrolling down for: peep the video including archive footage, interview with one of the Rezy masterminds and the first ever session at the Rezy Extension.




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