Written by Andrew Currie, Photos by Dave Adair

Nimbin is the first skatepark of it’s kind in Australia. That’s a big call, I know, but I can honestly say that Rob Lewers and the boys from Concrete Skateparks have broken new ground with this design and build. With an obvious tip of the hat to the Oregon style of skatepark construction, Nimbin intentionally avoids the obvious and delivers a whole new skateboard riding experience.

The birth of a beast.

When asked about the inspiration behind Nimbin, Brizzy PHC (Pirate Hesh Crew) founding member, and Concrete Skateparks construction worker, Noah ‘Dirty Dog’ Phillips proudly states, “This is the first good skatepark in Australia. Back in the 70’s they had good snake-runs, and now we’ve finally got another one.”
An obviously biased response from someone who’s poured their sweat into the project, but one that’s also hard to argue with when you’re flying down said snake-run. Although there are so many amazing elements to this park, the jewel in its crown really is the snake-run. Whipping through its corners and over her hips is pure exhilaration.
When I asked Noah about actual dimensions, his ever-cryptic reply was “No measurements here mate.” However, my guess is that the deepest parts of the snake run and deep bowl are somewhere around the 9 foot mark, verging on over-vert in parts, with all grinds equating to metal on concrete.


Brodie Sellars not only helped build this masterpiece, but he damn well rips the shit out of it too! Frontside Boneless on ‘crete he trowelled with his own hands.

One thing to be wary of in a snake run is blind spots. Slamming is bad enough, but full-speed collisions with other skaters are the worst. As Noah so eloquently puts it, “Even if you’ve got two dicks, don’t wrestle a double-headed snake.” Seriously, there is etiquette involved with a snake-run session, which is as simple as one in at a time. If someone drops in unannounced, get vocal. I hate to sound melodramatic, but this is full speed man’s country, so please, respect.

All this talk of over-vert death in the serpent’s belly aside, Nimbin actually offers an awesome variety of fun stuff to skate also. From the fishpond and small spined bowl, to the China-Bank style bank with bench, there’s something here for everyone to shred.

It’s not all about ‘Man’s Country’ at Nimbin. 18-year-old Bugs Fardell snuck into the kiddie’s section with this No-Comply Tailslide Revert.

If transitional skating is your vibe, you’re gonna trip balls on this joint. Nimbin is situated approximately an hour and a half south west of the Gold Coast, inland from Byron Bay. Get there.




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