SbA Dew Series 2011 – QLD | Results


By Morgan Campbell (SbA Head Judge)

On Saturday we kicked off the qualifiers to the 2011 SbA Dew Series. The event was held on the Gold Coast at the epic Nerang park. Despite all the tragedy and craziness of the QLD floods, and the treacherous weather people traveled from far and wide for the QLD qualifier. On the day the sky looked a little sketchy early on, but it was fine for the majority of the day. The park is epic and features a well-spaced assortment of hubbas, ledges, rails and hips. There are a couple of banging bowls as well, but on Saturday and for the rest of this Sba series the focus was on the street elements. The event was split into juniors (14 & under) and open (15 & over). Anyone was allowed to enter as long as they hadn’t been included in invitational pro events such as the City Square comp and Mt. Dew Battle for Supremacy. The Mc was Mike Dee, the judges for the event were Trent Fahey, Tommy Fynn and myself. The series is being overseen by Andrew Currie (SbA Event Manager) and is being run in a jam format.



JUNIOR (14 & under)
The juniors shredded it. Some textbook flippery and flow going down that’s for sure. The stealth Keanu Peina killed it with sweet flicked flips and good use of the entire park. The pint-sized Kobe Graf had the most gangsta name of the contest and harnesses a mean frontside big spin. Lewis Riley cruised around the joint with floaty hard flips and again generally brilliant kickflip steeze. He owned it.


OPEN (15 & over)
The open division was off its head. Are people actually this good? There were at least ten, maybe more people that could have made it thru. It was no doubt a judge’s nightmare. Bugs Fardell showed some exquisite poise on back tails and frontside nose grind up a euro ledge and a banging kicker to ledge back nose blunt in the final. Pat Gemzik charged like no other, probably the fastest skater of the day: frontside feebs down the big rail, massive pop shuvs and a fatty to flatty melon that could have snapped a Tyrannosaurus’s trucks. Peanut laid perfect flippery and general casual havoc on almost every obstacle the course had to offer: Definitely one of the standouts of the day. Keith Francis was completely off his chops: laid down kickflip front boards down the big rail (first try), nollie tre-d up the euro gap and kickflip back lip fakied the smaller rail. Joel Mcilroy blew minds: A backside overcrook down the big rail (somehow popping out an inch before the end), frontside crooked grind pop over’s on the bump to bar and a first try lengthy kick flip crooks again on the bump to bar. The level was so high that two wild card entries were picked for the final at the Shed in April.

4th: PAT GEMZIK (wild card)
5th: BUGS FARDELL (wild card)

Thanks to everyone involved for a ripping day, and generally amazing event especially considering the predicament the state is in. Well done QLD and all the strength to you.



You can view the footage of the event below.




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