Words: Morgan Campbell (head judge)
Photos: Matty Hooker 
Video: Matty Hooker and Shane Fowler


Nathan Jackson and Magistrate Mike Martin



Once again we were flabbergasted by the standard of the mini shredders. In third was Harry McEvoy who nailed kickflips and 360 shuv-its down the small six and 180’d the big three. Dean Johnston not only has the neatest handwriting of the entire Am Series, he can also skate up an absolute fury. He pounced on front boards and 5-0 grinds down the round six-stair rail. He also gap to lipped, 5-0’d and nosegrinded the gap to cheese block and 50/50’d the hubba.



Dean Johnston gaps to backside nose grizzle on the ‘cheese block’


First place went to Sam Atkins who linked up lines punctuated with flippery all over the shop. He also back 50’d the hubba, heel varialed and front shuv’d the small six. We were all stoked because frontside shuv-its rule and are particularly hard to harness down drops.

1st Sam Atkins – 14 – Geelong (VIC)

2nd Dean Johnston – 14 – Dingley (VIC)

3rd Harry McEvoy – 13 – Torquay (VIC)



Juniors (L to R): Harry McEvoy (3rd), Dean Johnston (2nd) and Sam Atkins (1st)

OPEN (15 & OVER)
Holy smoke: the open division was straight up gnar-burgers. I would be surprised if Clifton Hill had ever seen a session of this level before. James Guida nollie flipped the smaller six, as did Ben Currie. Fangdangle manual champ Zac “Daewon Damage” Doon got busy on the balance pads. Christopher Craig’s harnessed switch flips down the three. Jordan Daniels got busy on the hubba with nosegrinds and nollie 50/50’s! The top three were all amazing and will make great additions to the final.



Jason Rainbird corkscrews a radical backside 360 down six


In third was yet another awesomely named human: Jason Rainbird. He did textbook big spins and awesomely popped and boned back threes.




Anthony Davie back smiths to backside 180 with style for miles


In second was an arm-bandaged Anthony Davie who had an Alex Campbell-eque bag of tricks: perfect switch big spins down the three, dive-bombed back smiths down the hubba, back smith 180’s on the out ledge and the most perfect tre-banger down the big six.


Frontside flipper and first placer Mitch Robertom was on fire all day


First place getter Mitch Robertom went on an absolute rampage on Saturday. Where do I begin? The hubba got nailed with kickflip frontside 50/50s, 180 fakie 50/50’s, frontside noseblunts and silky frontside bluntslides. He frontside flipped the big six! His kickflip 5-0 grind on the round rail was shocking as was his manual to boardslide on the same obstacle. Mitch Robertom is definitely a contender at the final come March 31st.

1st Mitch Robertom – 20 – Craigiburn (VIC)

2nd Anthony Davie – 16 – Geelong (VIC)

3rd Jason Rainbird – 15 – Hallam (VIC)



Opens (L to R): Jason Rainbird (3rd), Anthony Davie (2nd) and Mitch Robertom (1st)


Thanks again to everyone who was involved with getting the comp off the ground, Nike SB, SbA, The Australian Sports Commision, modus, X-mini and the Fast Times crew for the snagger sizzle.






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Australian Sports Commission





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