Judges (L to R): Morgan Campbell, Mike Martin and Dix

Backing up MC Fludicrous on the mic was Jimmy “Jimmy’s” McMacken. Jimmy’s crew had the BBQ cranking over on the East side of the park. Where the judges sat was actually directly above the site of the old Devonport Bowl: a fierce and intimidating capsule that tamed even the most seasoned all rounders. The bowl is still there; just nowadays it is buried under a skatepark! The park has a little bit of everything: rails, bump to ledges, hubbas, out ledges, pyramid, ledges, and a Euro-gap garnished with a behemoth of a vert wall. Over the last year a massive surf club has popped up right next to the park complete with a Flude-approved playground. While we were in town there were a plethora of events on including a surf life saving competition, a running race, a bike race, a kite festival and the legendary Devonport Teddy Drop. Lets get down to what we are here for though: the skating.

Words: Morgan Campbell (head judge)
Photos: Matty Hooker
Video: Matty Hooker and James James


Mic wielders: McMacken and MC Fludicrous


As with the Open Division that followed: the Juniors were completely off the charts. Last year’s winner Jack Atkins was ripping all day (nice tre flips) but had bad luck in the final. Bradley “Biscuit” Saunders caught the Spirit of Tasmania across with his papa the night before the comp. We all know Biscuit pretty well now: from Clifton Hill last week and from his multi-stop dedication last year. We all noticed that around 10am last Saturday the clock struck rip o’clock for Biscuit. He pulled a few of his usual novelty shenanigans but also got busy with his newly found power: boardslides to fakie on the bump to bar, and regular ones down the square rail, kickflips up the Euro and a drop in on the vert wall of gnar. It wasn’t till days later that I found out Biscuit had actually made a pact with Beau Kelly to drop in on the vert wall. Beau was in the first heat and Biscuit the second. When Beau (second place) climbed up the back of the vert wall we were pretty worried. His first attempt saw him zing out, but it was his second that was successful. After completing the plummet through 4-5 foot of vert he navigated the tranny and shot out for his glory run over the course. His single fist pump turned into a number one finger as he reached the top of the pyramid. His eyes were blinking ferociously due to the sheer speed of his re-entry to the stratosphere. The judges cried with happiness. Yep… it was gold. Good on you Beau!

Fergus Doherty has an amazing name and supreme skate-prowess

In first was Fergus Doherty a guy who skates like someone five to ten years his senior. Fergus pointed front feebles and crooked grinds on the bump to bar and hoiked a well-boned kickflip from the bowl platform to flat catching a tiny bit of tranny on the way out. In the years to come Fergus will no doubt etch his name into the Australian skateboarding history books.

1st Fergus Doherty – 14 – Hobart, TAS

2nd Beau Kelly – 11 – Hobart, TAS

3rd Bradley “Biscuit” Saunders – 9 – Beaufort, VIC

Juniors (L to R): Bradley “Biscuit” Saunders, Beau Kelly and Fergus Doherty

This was easily one of the most heated finals to date. There were plenty of rippers who didn’t qualify for the SPoM final: guys like Rob Parsons (who was 360 nollie heeling a borrowed board), last years winner Brendon Hill and the silky backside flipper Blair Howard. In fifth place was Christoph Speer who had a really well oiled bag of tricks. His street prowess was sprinkled with transitional delights from yesteryear: not often you see a perfectly executed judo air on a quarter pipe is it? Long time Tassie ripper Laif Johannesen who impossibled, blunted, feebled, nosegrinded and 540 shuv’d his way into the fourth position. The fourth and fifth place getters were both so polished that they were given a wild card entry into the final at the Skatepark of Melbourne.

On Saturday Zane Brown zung out on this blunt, but he made it last year: ABD not NBD!

Lonny lad Ben Walters skated his way into third with an array of curved ledge lip slides, down rail frontside feebles and boardslides to 5-0 on the bump to bar. Kristian John Rowell skates like a terminator and Saturday was no different. He airwalked and backside 180’d the pyramid to flat, gapped to 5-0 over the dog kennel, cabbed and backside flipped up the euro-gap, kickflipped over the entire flat bank to flat and did a Ron Allen tribute in the form of an airwalk to board slide down the handrail.

Blair Howard with a well tweaked over crook. For the record: he also back nose blunted it

Devonport-raised Hobartian Nathan Mason was on fire and was clearly the winner. Nathan easily tre flipped over the massive fun box, glided back lips, nose blunt slides and front feebles to fakie down the rails, stalefished the bank to flat, twirled 360 backside ollies over the pyramid (nearly flipped one too) and stuck a massive tre banger to flat over the flat bank after the comp. By the end of the day he had no skin on his lower back, but he had a sack of goodies and will be no doubt present at the final at the Skatepark of Melbourne come March 31st.

Nathan Mason was relentless in his multiple obstacle assault: tre banger to flat

1st Nathan Mason – 21 – Hobart, TAS

2nd Kristjan John Rowell – 20 – Turners Beach, TAS

3rd Ben Walters – 21 – Launceston, TAS

4th Laif Johannesen – 26 – Lauderdale, TAS (wild card)

5th Christoph Speer – 20 – Hobart, TAS (wild card)

Opens: Christoph Speer, Laif Johannesen, Ben Walters, Kristian Rowell and Nathan Mason

Thanks again to everyone who was involved with getting the comp off the ground: Nike SB, SbA, The Australian Sports Commission, modus, X-mini, Damo and the Devonport Council, and the Jimmy’s crew for the snagger sizzle.



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