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The guest judges for the day were Cale Nuske (seen absolutely destroying in the clip at base of this page) and Mike Martin. The guest MC was the local vocal Sam Goodall. Andy Walker (local legend and founder of Adelaide’s élan skateboards) showed how to really skate a cruiser board. The Daily Grind crew graciously cooked and provided 450 sausages! The temperature hovered around 40 degrees for the duration of the day, which made it the hottest qualifier to date. Despite the heat everyone shredded their way through to one of the best finals so far. 

Words: Morgan Campbell (head judge)
Photos: Matty Hooker
Video: Matty Hooker and Michael Pearse

Amazing Osborne


Even they were up first the temperature was already scorching as the Juniors got stuck in (just after 10am). Allanah Bruno took out sixth place and is the first female entrant in the 2012 Nike SbA Am Series to make it through to a final. Another first was Adan “Big Worm” Thompson who skated his entire run lying on his belly, unlike Allanah; Big Worm did not make the cut. It seemed the Big Worm family won in the end they were  selling staffy pups all day.

Big Worm trying to sell Fludey some puppies

In at third place in the juniors was Ben Kelley who did rarely seen Casper flips over the hip. In second place was Mitchell Horn who lipslid the bank to thatched rail and half cabbed the big four.

Wait till you see this kid skate. Jay Runciman: remember that name

First place getter was last year’s junior winner Jay Runciman: woah. Only seconds into the final jam he kickflipped a fun box that we saw no one ollie. He went on to kickflip front board the thatched rail, flip the big four and generally flowed about the whole joint being the supreme natural skater that he is.

Juniors (L to R): Ben Kelley, Mitchell Horn and Jay Runciman

1st Jay Runciman – 12 – Findon, SA

2nd Mitchell Horn – 14 – Adelaide, SA

3rd Ben Kelley – 14 – St. Marks, SA

Judge Nuske and MC Goodall were in the house


There were thirty-one entrants in the Opens, which meant seven heats of four and one of three: that is a whole lot of shredding. Cutting to eight for the final was brutal, as was the temperature out on the course. Eighth place getter was Chris Fletcher who slinked his way about the whole park and half cab kickflipped the big three. Seventh place getter was Seb Skillton who freshed his way all over the joint, owned the back lip and kickflipped the thatched A-frame rail to flat. In sixth was last year’s second placer Dale McDermott. We found out at the end of the day that Dale had broken a toe during the comp, we were pretty surprised as he was committing all day with his trademark casual demeanour. Dale rips. Fifth place went to Caliean Holland from Birkenhead who slid blunts on the A-frame rail and did front board 270’s on an out ledge.

Sam Tran nollie friscos whilst summoning the power of Thug Angel

In fourth was Adelaide’s Beau Hinge who has it all going on: smile, skills, relaxed steeze and a great trick selection. He proved himself worthy of a Wild Card entry to the final as cracked out banging tre-flips, bigspins, kickflip nose wheelies on the long manual pad and a frontside flip down the big four. Third-placer Jack Bridges smoothed his way through back 5-0 frontside 180’s, back tails to big spin and spicy backside noseblunts on a ledge into a bank. In second was Sam Tran aka “Thug Angel” who has got the ninja tech going on: nollie flips into the euro, well-popped backside nollies and tre flips down the four and an insanely boned kickflip from the top of the Euro to flat. First went hands-down to Clint Kenneally who seriously machined all day: switch heels and backside flips down the four not to mention backside noseblunt slides, kickflip front boards and nollie front boards on the A-frame. Clint will be a serious contender at the final at Skatepark of Melbourne come March 31st. Thank you Adelaide for showing us such an awesome park and for turning the shred dial to maximum despite the heat.

Winner Clint Kenneally pounces on a backside noseblazer on the A-frame

1st Clint Kenneally – 21 – Cumberland Park, SA

2nd Sam Tran – 22 – Felixstow, SA

3rd Jack Bridges – 22 – Churchies, SA

4th Beau Hinge – 21 – Adelaide, SA (WILD CARD)

Opens (L to R) Beau Hinge, Jack Bridges, Sam Tran and Clint Kenneally


Thanks again to everyone who was involved with getting the comp off the ground: Nike SB, SbA, The Australian Sports Commission, modus, X-mini, Port Adelaide Enfield and the Daily Grind crew for the snagger sizzle.






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