Words: Morgan Campbell (head judge)
Photo and video: Matty Hooker


MC-s Fludicrous and Red Noonan



The tackers were ripping. Some of them were minute and some statuesque. There were so many rad names that went through my computer last year that I have started a document housing the best names in the 2012 Am Series. The first guy in that list is Bailey Wildman. Despite his name Bailey made quite a few tricks and was rather composed throughout the comp and although he didn’t qualify I can guarantee you will be hearing more from Mr. Wildman.



Heated judge discussion with J-Mac, NJ, MC and AC


Ripping into third place was Joe “Bar Code” Cormack. They call him Bar Code as he was wearing a t-shirt with some kind of Bar Code print on it. Harsh, but partially my fault as I ran with it during the comp. Sorry Joe. Joe slinked his way around the joint, linked together tight lines and front board shuv’s all with a style reminiscent of Ambrose Kenny Smith.



Keanu Peina leading the junior am charge with a back smith


In second was Keanu Peina who we thought might actually take out first place. He is a tech-savvy street smoothie who will surely go on to become an Australian great. He oozed a bit of a Pat Channita vibe as he text-booked his way through perfect nollie heels, gee-d out back tails off an out ledge, and back smithers down the small rail.



Mikey Mendoza floats a backside ollie on the cradle


In first was charisma-king Mikey Mendoza. He cruised his way through the first half of the finals and then during the second half he simply unleashed with tweaked frontside feebles, massive backside 180’s, ultra-floated boned kickflips over the hip, big spin flips up the Euro and his perfect bound hardflips also made a much appreciated appearance. Mikey smashed it. And before he had even checked his bag of prizes he was thanking all the sponsors including the Australian Sports Commission via facebook!


1st: Mikey Mendoza – 14 – Tallebudgeria (QLD)

2nd: Keanu Peina – 13 – Coombabah (QLD)

3rd: Joe Cormack – 13 – Suffolk Park (NSW)



Juniors left to right: Joe Cormack (3rd), Keanu Peina (2nd) and Mikey Mendoza (1st)



The final was chocka’s full of talented skateboard swashbucklers. There were top-notch shredders that didn’t even make the final. Izzy Mutu showed just how comfortable she has become on a board – on all terrain: her front boards were nothing short of epic. LP Nooku (who also missed the cut) was also awesome and skated with the biggest smile throughout the day. Keith Franks was on point with perfect kickflips to nose wheelie and kickflip front boards down the rail. Mitch Morrison skates like a vet, kind of weird that he is still sub eighteen. Aside from ripping during his actual runs, Mitch did the best 360 flip to flat over the flat bank, but it was after time. One of many repping the DGK: Lance Cope lanked his way through a variety of dope maneuvers al over the shop. Just missing the cut off for the final at SpOM was Jesse Schulkins who may have had the flowiest style of the day. In the midst of slaying the whole joint he made time to throw some perfect hurricanes and blunts down the rail.



LP with a well-locked backside 180 nose grind down zee hubba


Fourth place getter and wild card receiver Mike Lawry was ultra smooth and calculated. Text book tech: icy crooked grinds, superb frontside 5-0 to back side 180’s and front tail 270’s all served up with a smattering of steeze. Third place was snaffled by the octane injected Pat Gemzik who kickflipped, backside flipped, 5-0’d, lips slide, front boarded his way throughout the whole course at mach 101. In second was the legendary Pedro Day who smiled his way through some seriously nifty footwork. Lines for days: including 360 flips over the flat bar and kickflip back lips here and kickflips to flat there. In first was the energy bean of the day Andrew Beauchamp aka ‘Beacho’. Beacho tailslid up the small rail, performed wallie back lips on the steep bank, back lipped to 5-0 the length of the entire curb and did a super sick backside heel flip to flat over the entire flat bank.


1st: Andrew Beauchamp – 23 – Carindale (QLD)

2nd: Pedro Day – 28 – Coorparoo (QLD)

3rd: Pat Gemzik – 24 – Thornlands (QLD)

4th: Mike Lawry – 23 – Brighton (QLD) (WILDCARD)



Beacho blasts a backside 180 heel into first


As the post-final smells of burnt urethane and scorched truck left the zone, the scores were tallied and the places were announced. Many skaters prepared for Jesse ‘Red’ Noonan’s 21st and some left for Byron. Meanwhile Tommy took to the course and showed us a couple of bangers he must have learnt over the Christmas break. Then like it was on cue it just bucketed down. I think it is still raining there now! Thanks again to everyone who was involved with getting the comp off the ground, Nike SB, modus, X-mini and a big round of applause to Gold Coast City Council & Councillor Peter Young.



Opens left to right: Mikey Lawry (4th), Pat Gemzik (3rd), Pedro Day (2nd) and Beacho (1st)








Nike SB



Australian Sports Commission

Gold Coast City Council





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