This past weekend saw the SbA wolf pack pull into Sydney for the NSW qualifier of the Nike SbA Am Series. The location was Waterloo Skatepark, which is easily one of Australia’s finest purpose built concrete street scapes. Our guest judges consisted of Glenn Wignall and Sam Giles and our guest MC was Cameron Sparkes. On the BBQ duties was 99 Degrees’ Aaron Jenkin. Everything was in place for a smooth runnin’ event, that is aside from the weather. During the early AM set up we felt that the fierce clouds above could hold some grief for us... and sure they did. Before the juniors even started, it bucketed ferociously for an hour or so and for a while Waterloo became Waterlog. My printer actually copped at least a bucket full on it’s own as we temporarily paused the comp due to the wet terrain. Whilst the rain pelted down, the MC’s and Cuzz entertained and delved into some skate trivia whilst Jenk-os cooked for the soggy masses. Eventually the rain turned to drizzle and everyone pitched in grabbed brooms, squidgies and mops and got drying. Before we knew it was bone dry and we were able to commence the Juniors.

Words: Morgan Campbell (head judge), Photo and video: Matty Hooker


Unfortunately we lost a few of the junior entrants in the hour or so that the proceedings were paused for. Thankfully, there were still some rippers present. In third was Dillon Scott who flowed about the joint assertively and stuck an icy, long backside 5-0 on the outledge. Second place went to Jack O’Grady who ripped last year, but has since taking his skating to the next level. He stuck fakie flips off the central kicker and blasted 360 flips down the stair set. In first was last year’s second place getter Dani Campbell. We had been looking forward to seeing Dani skate again since the final last year. He has mad board control and doesn’t mind throwing some left of field bangers in the mix. Saturday saw him nail fakie flips, back threes and nollie heel big spins of the kicker. He pounced on 360 shuv’s down the stair set and snuck in some smith grinds to kickflip and backside nose grind shuv-its on the small ledge.

1st: Dani Campbell – 14 – Corrimal (NSW)

2nd: Jack O’Grady – 12 – Caringbah (NSW)

3rd: Dylan Scott – 14 – Annandale (NSW)


Juniors left to right: Dylan Scott (3rd), Jack O’Grady (2nd) and Dani Campbell (1st)


Unlike the Juniors who had to deal with a weather drop prior to their heats, most of the Opens arrived just as the course dried. As a result there were many Open Division shredders in the Waterloo house. Just missing the cut for the final was Jamie Foxton who had also taken his ripping up a notch from last year. Amongst other stunts Jamie did a gnarly frontside 50/50 off the outledge next to the hubba into the Shane Cross wall. Corey Young was crowned “Josh Pall From Behind’” by Sparks. JPFB, as we can now call him had the skills to back up his likeness to Mr Pall: he busted picture perfect nollie flips down the big set and buttery back smithed the large out ledge. John Dykyj fanged around Fernside and treated onlookers to 360 double flips down the stairs, and 50/50 body varials and front blunts down the hubba.


John Dykyj casually frontside bluntslides the hubba

In fifth was Jono Power has got some pretty thorough nollie knowledge. He nollie flipped and nollie heel flipped to nose slide down the hubba and nollie flipped to 50/50 on the small out ledge. Anthony Bull nailed blunts and nollie crooks also off the small out ledge, and obliterated the Shane Cross wall with front blunts, frontside feebles and a mind scrambling frontside 5-0 to fakie. As you probably know Ryder Lawson won the Juniors last year, but this year he skated in the Open. Ryder has always been super consistent but this year I don’t actually remember him falling. First try he performed: back threes down the steps, frontside nose grinds and backside smiths down the hubba.


Russell Grundy made these frontside flips every go, that is prior to the one that took his ankle

Russell Grundy was in second and he was so productive during the final jam that he simply had to make the top three. There were no two ways about it. He nailed backside nollie heels down the stairs, kickflips over the small out ledge, kickflip front boards down the rail and frontside flips down the big three. Unfortunately he sprained his ankle right after the final.


Nik Stipanovic owns the skateboard. Here he fakie flips with the polish seen on top pros.

In first was Nik Stipanovic who had a style reminiscent of a young Pappalardo. He slinked through fakie flips, hardflips and backside big spins down the stairs, front feebles to fakie and half cab feebles to 180 on the flat bar and back smiths down the hubba. The guy just does every trick with assertion, poise and style.


1st: Nik Stipanovic – 16 – Sylvania (NSW)

2nd: Russell Grundy – 29 – Morriset Park (NSW)

3rd: Ryder Lawson – 14 – Cronulla (NSW)

4th: Anthony Bull – 19 – Copacabana (NSW) (WILDCARD)



Opens: Anthony Bull (4th), Ryder Lawson (3rd), Russell Grundy (2nd) and Nik Stipanovic (1st)

Thanks again to everyone who was involved with getting the comp off the ground, Nike SB, SbA, modus, X-mini, The Australian Sports Commission. Thanks also to the 99 Degrees crew for the snagger sizzle.



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