Aside from ripping on board Jarrod Knoblauch has got a mean windmill

Might rain on us once, won’t rain on us twice! The rescheduled Mt Barker Best Trick competition, held on the 26th of May, 2013 was a pearler! We had a StreetWise workshop in the morning for the newbies, then gave them a chance to show their stuff in the Junior’s  part of the Best Trick comp soon after. Take note, these kids will get good fast. Then the big kids got involved, no doubt motivated by SbA’s Sam Goodalls on the Mic. Beau Hinge, Jack Bridges, and many more talented cats go to town, and Igor did one of the best snapped board roll-aways ever seen! However, it was Murray Bridge that stole the show and earned clip curtains with a SWITCH 360 FLIP down the big stairs for the $150 Nike voucher!

Big thanks to Adelaide Hub Manager Dan Ivett for running the show and helping get Daily Grind, Miasma and Spitfire on board as sponsors. Biggest thanks goes to the District Council of Mt Barker and Ksenjia Bould who support the ongoing growth of skateboarding in their region, allowing the Adelaide SbA Hub to flourish!”

– Richard Flude, National Development Manager


Final Placings Mount Barker Best Trick

Juniors (14 and Under)
1st  Zach Georgiou
2nd Declan Rose
3rd  James Gerard
4th  Caleb Gray

Opens (15 and Over)
1st  Scott MBS (Murray Bridge)
2nd Jack Bridges
3rd  Mike Milner
4th  Tom “Fish” Van Rhoda





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