Richard Price’s Lost Tapes
Featuring: Matt Mumford, Morgan Campbell and Mark Lane
November 1995
From: Brisbane to Parramatta

So at the tail end of 1995 I flew to QLD from WA for the opening of the Nexus Skatepark. The park opening itself was an overwhelming star-studded one, but once the dust settled we were left with a pretty tight, freshly formed crew. I had met Matt Mumford a round a year earlier, and he was as friendly as always. Our newfound friends were photographer Aaron Brown, filmer Richard Price and Richard’s little buddy from the Blue Mountains: a miniscule Dustin Dollin (who makes a very wee cameo in the footage). After a few days skating Brisbane we drove down the coast to stay with Aaron Brown for a week in Castle Hill, west of Sydney. Whilst skating the city we met up with Aaron’s friend Mark Lane who was clearly one of the unsung Aussie pioneers of switchstance. Pretty sure switch ollies down Prudential’s double set were consistently a first try affair for him.

In the ten days or so that we were hanging I witnessed Matt destroy every single spot we went to. The crème of these tricks appeared in his January 1996 Australian Skateboarding Magazine interview. At the time handrails were not that popular in Australia. This was well before the great handrail blow out of ’99. If you saw a rail in mag here, it was generally around five stairs. Matt had already been in the States for a while and had been calmly skating ten-stair plus rails on the regs. After our first rail (Brisbane’s silver rail at the start of the clip) it was clear that we were going to be skating some balance beams on that trip. By the end of our Sydney stay thank to Matt, I had skated some of the biggest rails I had ever stepped too. Pretty funny cause they look tiny by today’s standards. I distinctly remember having shin splints at the Parramatta Law Courts rail, which was right the end of the trip. The absolute pinnacle of shred on this mission was when Matt backside fiftied the Cockle Bay twelve into the downhill just near Darling Harbour. The rail had only been grinded by Jamie Thomas who was mid Welcome to Hell phase. When Matt rolled away from that backside 50/50 he was not only happy victor but was the first antipodean to conquer the beast.

I recently found the VHS containing all the footage deep in the storeroom. Once I dusted off the cat fur and years of assorted cupboard lint I contacted the filmer, my friend Richard Price. He graciously gave me the thumbs up to use it here in a ‘Lost Tapes’. Richard had long lost the original tapes, so I am pretty sure this was the one copy in existence. I have kept a little bit of the fodder in as to convey the vibe of the sessions. Make sure you keep your ears pealed for Matt’s general enthusiasm for Mark’s switch prowess: classic stuff. Thank you Richard and thank you everyone who gave us a helping hand on what is easily one of the most classic road trips I have ever been on – mc




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