Really, Chris Middlebrook needs no introduction. His lens mastership is one of the primary forces that enables you to view your favourite Australian and international skaters. His work has been featured in videos and DVD’s coast to coast and indeed, on both sides of the equator. Aside from shooting on the trusty VX and in HD, Midds is also a long time Super-8 fan – and master. His Super 8 goodness can be seen all the way through from the cult Blank videos, to high-end Nike productions to the most recent Alien Workshop video. Luckily he recently contacted SbA to see if we were down to put out this compilation of his high grade, mostly unseen Super 8 footage from the year of 2008. Of course we were: this is why we have a feature called Lost Tapes.

Inside you will find archival footage of Callum Paul, Jeremy Corea, Dane Burman, Andrew Brophy, Lewis Marnell, Morgan Campbell, Steve Gourlay, Ambrose Kenny Smith, Dale Van Iersel, Andrew Currie, Sean Holland, Harry Clark, Bryce Golder, Nick Boserio, Keegan Walker, Mike Martin, Alex Campbell, Shane O’Neill, Bernie Foo, Justin Brock, Tommy Fynn, Yuta Tanaka and Sam Giles.




Top End Photo Album

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