Discovering a lost tape is much akin to finding pirate treasure. Sure in its time treasure is great too, I mean gold is gold and coins are coins. But there is something about seeing something for the first time years after its initial existence. Similar to how a museum feels about treasure, we feel that lost tapes not only need to be found they need to be seen. As an ode to the lost tape we have introduced a new video column to showcase them. The first is a doozy, which we stumbled across thanks to Marcello “Nello” Guardigli during the Goldy Grail weekend.

Nello is a devoted Italian filmer and photographer who has been living in Melbourne for several years now. A couple of years back he took a friend to the infamous Pothole full pipe and the rest is history. Hidden history. His friend is one of the most underrated skateboarders the world has ever spawned. That man is Daniel Cardone. One of the true greats of our time. He is seriously one of only one of the most electric, limber and loose-styled all rounders ever born. When taken to the Pothole he was took to the infamous 32-foot pipe with an unseen confidence. What you will see here will give you goose bumps.

Filmed by Marcello Guardigli
Marcello’s Flicker
Marcello’s Youtube
Marcello’s Vimeo




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