words: morgan campbell
photos: dave adair

Several years ago, in the mid 2000’s, I was on a Premium tour of the eastern seaboard. Luckily for us we had two main weapons for our demos: the high flying terminator of shred Josh Evin (RIP) and the kid with a massive cranium, strange buoyant hair and skills for days. His name was Jack Fardell. He was unbeknown to us at the start of the tour, but by the end we knew that Australia had spawned yet another four wheeled destroyer. Aside from joining us for the Canberrian leg of the trip Jack and his whole family paid their own way to the Tasmanian leg. Amazing!

Over the past half a decade or so Jack has turned heads all over the planet and effortlessly clocked up sponsors as a result. Just recently his skating clicked into a whole new dimension. Everyone has one or maybe two peaks in their skating and progression. Jack is in the midst of one right now. I spoke to Andrew Currie today and he mentioned that instead of getting home at six am, these days Jack is going surfing at six am. He also said that he thinks Jack is the best all round skater in the country. Everything from padlessly shredding behemoth bowls to attacking full-blown monster handrails. With the Goldy Grail on this weekend you will not only see that Jack’s body has caught up to the size of his head, you will also see one of our greats shining brighter than ever.

MC: Where are you living now?
JF: I’m living in on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

MC: Is your whole family up there?
JF: Yeah I live up here with my girlfriend, my mum, my brother, and my mum’s partner.

MC: When I met you were about thirteen and we were both on Premium, you were living in Queanbeyan right?
JF: How was it for you and Bugs to be on that trip and come to Tassie with Josh Evin, Dayne Brummet and if I am correct Willy Santos? Yeah that was crazy; I’d never really met professional skateboarders before so bugs and I were tripping. RIP josh.

MC: Who are you riding for these days?
JF: I skate for Element, Globe, Independent, Bones, and modus.

MC: You are going in Goldy Grail this week?
JF: Sure am.

MC: Are you ampt or what?
JF: Yeah I’m psyched, should be a rad weekend. I only have to go about two minutes from my house to skate Elanora.

MC: Who are you looking forward to watching?
JF: I wanna see Saul Bell getting upside down in the pipe, always good seeing Shauny (Eaton) skate there as well. Bugs is killing it too.

MC: Have you been in many comps on terrain this size?
JF: Yeah a few, Belco bowl jam is one that comes to mind. Elanora is my local, I fuk’n love that place.

MC: What is it about massive concrete beasts that make you want to skate them?
JF: What’s not to love? You go as fast as you possibly can, as high as you possibly can and you’ve got the sound of the concrete coping screaming behind you.

MC: Explain Elanora in three words:
JF: Fast, unpredictable, unused.

MC: Explain Pizzey Bowl in three words:
JF: Rough, old, perfect.

MC: What are your top five beastly bowls that you have skated to this date?
JF: Pizzey, Elanora, Belco, Newcastle and Corio.

MC: Are there any parks that you haven’t skated that you are itching to get to?
JF: There’s a new bowl in Nimbin being built, looks pretty fuk’n rad.

MC: You have been heading over to the Oregon a fair bit lately yeah? Got any trips planned over there?
JF: I’ve been over there with Cuzza a bit, skating the bowls over there is insane. I think Australia is trying to catch up to Oregon, but we’ve got nothing on the size of bowls they’re running.

MC: Are you going to move anytime soon?
JF: If so where? I’m really not sure. My girlfriend and I are going to get a place together soon, haven’t decided where yet.

MC: Who are your top five Aussie all-rounders?
JF: Andrew Currie, Reece Warren, Bugs Fardell, Jackson Pilz and Jim Fowlie.

MC: Who are the top three skaters the ACT has ever produced?
JF: Jim Fowlie, Byron Convey and Joel Webb.

MC: How bout Street Fardell has he been lurking much lately? I know you can skate absolutely anything.
JF: Adair and I have been doing stealth missions lately. I’ve got this big handrail bug at the moment. Skating rails that nobody else has, I forgot how scary it was to jump down something. Feels fuk’n good to roll away.

MC: How bout Bugs? The lil’ bro has been shredding hard and fluidly lately. I consider him one of the best up and comers. Do you see any beauty in the skateboard riding of your own brother?
JF: He’s fuk’n killing it! New gen of the year was sick. He’s got photos coming that will blow your mind.

MC: What was the last tour you have been on?
JF: Probably the trip to Cairns and back that happened last year.

MC: What is the next tour that you will be on?
JF: No idea.






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