Matt Mumford has been ripping for eons: a time-tested all terrain vehicle. He grew up skating vert in Rockhampton, then eventually took to the streets and parks of greater Queensland. In the early to mid nineties Matt began his travels to the West Coast of ‘merica where he shocked any onlookers with his gun ho approach to everything from frontside inverts to bionic rail balancing acts.

By 1999 Matt was already a certified pro skate-veteran and yet again he came out swinging a gnarl-laden section in Transworld’s The Reason. Ending the part is his smith grind down El Toro. Thinking back over Matt’s coverage, this is definitely one of his standout tricks and photos. Pretty sure this is how the story went. Rock up to El Toro with Swift (on sequence) and Atiba (on stills) and a couple of filmers (maybe Jon Holland and Ty Evans). Everyone sets up their media devices. At this time Heath would have lipslid it and that’s about it. Matt warms up with two fifty fifties. Both first try. He then smith tries it first try. They pack up and leave. Bang, some have got it like that.

In recent days you will have no doubt seen Matt’s mastery of the concrete beasts and pipes of Oregon and backyard pools across the world, but let it be known that if he wanted it he could replicate his El Toro feat today.

PS: Oh yeah on videos he looks tall and super gnarly, but in real life his is kind of wee and super friendly. Oh and you know what stokes me out? Matt has lived in California for over 15 years but to this day he is more Australian than pretty much any pro out there.




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