In every city there is a single person who pioneered modern street skating for that region. In Sydney it was definitely Davo. During the 90’s Michael Davidson single handedly beat the Sydney streets and ramps into submission with his array of tech-burl wisdom. Sure a few of his peers made some scars of their own but it was Davo you really heard about from afar. If you were taken on a walk through the city you would shake your head in disbelief at some of the moves that had gone down under Davo’s command. There was one point where Davo was not only one of the countries flat ground and ledge elites; he was also arguably the best mini ramp skater too boot. It was his array of transition-based aerials and lip trick dance moves that swooned the one and only Tommy Guerrero at a Fairfield demo in 1991. After only six months of the companies existence Davo was immediately given Real flow. As with many of the international sponsorships that went down during this time, once the company realized the extensive cost of shipping boards to our isle the flow soon trickled to a stop. But international sponsors or not Davo didn’t give a damn. He was destined to be a skate rat for life. Anyone who is friends with him on facebook would know that he is still living and breathing it. How many fathers of two post over ten youtube skate clips every day?

So you may have seen re-runs of his famous Rocks rail ollie (yep the one that Chima back three’d and Dustin frontside flipped), but we feel the one Davo pic that has gone under the radar is this museum gap ollie. This gap is so huge that almost takes an abseiling degree to get to the top. On cold winters day you cant even see from the take off to the landing. Whilst one subject of take off and landing it should be noted that they were both cactus. Cracked, crappy pavers with gaps between them. And knowing Davo’s love for lowered skateboards, his wheels wouldn’t have been the best size for such terrain. As the story goes Davo snuck out of work early with Mike O’Meally who had a medium format camera for the shoot. Back then it was unheard of for a medium format to be used to shoot skating! This actually was the first medium format photo we ever saw in TWS. So there it is: a unison between two Australian skate pioneers, two Mikes, two absolute legends. Australian skateboarding would not be the same without either of them. I’ll be covering O’Meally’s legendary status at another point but for now sit back and soak up the gnar that is Davo’s Museum Gap. Davo you maybe still in Tokyo but in Sydney your voice is still heard. It always will be. Respect.




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