Skating is a double-edged board. It rules, but it also sometimes hurts. A long relationship with the shred stick will no doubt occasionally be accompanied by pain. This is just what happens: it is semi-inevitable really. The best way to combat this is to be healthy, only skate when you are feeling on point and to be prepared with some ammunition to heal up if you do happen to get hurt. Longtime staple in the Tasmanian scene and semi-recent mainland addition Mr. Duncan Ewington has teamed up with Kris Whiting to develop The Cream, which is a surefire winning addition towards healing sore Australian skateboarders and getting them back on the roll as soon as possible.

Where did you begin your relationship with the rolling board?

I first got a little plastic board from K-Mart in primary school after begging my mum for one for ages. My brother got a red one and I had yellow one. I think it might have been around 1987? I grew up on top of a mountain so there were plenty of hills to bomb around bum boarding, as well as a couple of good schools. We didn’t even really know you could stand up on a board until the big ole fish boards started to pop up and then even ‘tic-tacs’ were considered tricks! When I got my first ‘proper’ board I ran up the street so excited and did my first boneless.

Where are you from?

I’m from Tassie: born and raised in Hobart.

Who were the motivational forces behind skating on your wee isle?

It was a very close-knit community before there were parks everywhere. During the early 90’s you could count all the skaters in the whole state on both hands! There were many crews that came and went and only a hand full of guys still skating today. I was obsessed with skating (still am!) and was motivated by all the vids and magazines of the era. I bought all the mags and got all the vids and dreamt of skating in America like most people. One of the tightest crews we had was in the late 90’s was with Sean Holland, Tom Cuthbertson, Redvers Beard, Tyrus Mason and Paul Chan. There were a lot of other talented and inspiring skateboarders hiding out on the island, which I always tried to share and promote with my contributions to magazines. We didn’t have the best variety of parks or street spots, but we made do with what we had. To get inspired I’d visit Melbourne a couple times of year. We were definitely isolated from the rest of Australia and I always wanted to share what we had with the rest of the country – mind you this was before globalisation, the internet, and social networks.

When did you move to Melbourne?

I’ve been living in Melbourne for a few years now. I first moved in to the heart of the city into an outrageously priced apartment which was awesome, but have then since moved to the mellow North side of town. My current house is rad and has a fun mini ramp, sick little street course, veggie patch, chillin’ back verandah and it’s really close to some good parks and nightlife spots.

You have been shooting a lot of photos over the years. When did you start?

I pretty much picked up a camera not long after I first started skating, so maybe 24 years? I’ve always done it for the pure love of it, and for the general satisfaction of documenting all the good and arty times a long the way. My love for capturing those moments even lead me to do a Fine Arts degree which was really great. It’s just something I compulsively do every day, more or less for personal satisfaction. I guess after doing it for so long the eyes just can’t stop seeing things as photos. I like to regularly share my pics on my blog, and am addicted to Instagram (#ewingram) and still occasionally contribute to an odd mag here or there.

When was your first published photo?

It was in Slam Magazine somewhere in ’92 or “93. Back when Andrew Currie was editing it I think, or maybe when O’Meally had just taken over?

one of duncan’s latest shots cuzza lein to tail at a secret melbourne mini ramp <ewington>

What was it?

It was a little black and white shot of Al Wilson slappy switch nose sliding down a double set curb at the Grand Chancellor in Hobart. Back when slappies were a legit publishable photo! ha-ha. (Duncan also shot this cover of Slam, where he performed two roles: both skater and the photgrapher simoultaneously).

Ok so over to The Cream. What was the catalyst for making The Cream?

After soooo many injuries over the years (I’ve calculated my combined time on crutches has been a whole year of my life) and using variations of our formula is was time to finally stop talking about it and do it. Every skater hates being injured and after trialing the different components for years it was too good to hold out on. It was pretty much my good friend and business partner that pushed me to finally get it started, which was roughly three years ago.

Who are you working on it with?

It’s just me and Kris Whiting. We first met when I moved to the ‘Mainland’ and ended up in country Victoria for a year. He is a driving force behind The Cream and I couldn’t have done it with out him. Big ups ‘Grinch’!

What is in it?

For now let’s just say “some secret herbs and spices”!

Is it a proven healer or homoeopathic?

The ingredients have been used for hundreds of years in different homoeopathic uses. We’ve just strengthened the formula and combined a number of ingredients to make an ultimate aid in injury recovery!

duncan with a tail block at bulleen snake run

Explain the applications of The Cream?

We’ve designed it so it covers all bases in skateboarding injuries. It may assist in the relief and recovery from sprains, swelling, bruises, bone and joint pain. It’s not runny, smells great, and comes in a cool tin!

You have been spreading the love amongst the Aussie skate community. Have you had good feedback from the guys you gave it to at Shocklands?

All the dudes we’ve hooked up absolutely love it! So much good feedback, people are living for it!

How does one go about purchasing it?

At the moment it is available from the online store at and will be available soon from all good skate stores.

How much will it retail for?

We want to make it easily accessible for all folk so we’ve made it only $9.99.

Are you going to move into other liniments?

I’ve got a few other ideas that we might later branch out on, but at the moment we’re focusing on delivering the goods to skaters.

If you were to start a flow team name and were only able to pick one skater from each Aussie state, who would you pick for The Cream Dream Team.

Man that’s a really hard question as there are so many rippers! We’ve already got a team in the works that covers a lot of the states with some amazing skaters like Tommy Fynn, Lewis Marnell, Dennis Durrant, Sam Giles, Reece Warren, Gabriel Summers, Marty Girotto, Sam George and Mike Martin… just to name a few.

Aside from skateboarders, do you see any other cultures getting into The Cream?

The Cream can be used by anybody! Anyone that puts their body through the ringers could benefit from some TLC treatment from The Cream, even down to oldies with arthritis who are suffering from the wear and tear of life. Though obviously as a passionate skater, my main concern is hooking up other skaters so they can get back on board.

Who designed the tin?

A really old friend from Tassie named Rob Cordiner brought our dreams to fruition. He is an amazing designer and absolute legend that now lives in Melbourne too. He has a shared love of 90’s skateboarding, style and loves a good play on words.

What era / sub-culture did you draw from for the design?

I was definitely inspired by the classic and masculine style of old tobacco tins, boot polish, and pomade. Not really sure if there was a sub-culture in mind but I’ve always loved old timey, hand painted and pin striped craftsmanship of the early to mid 1900’s.

g’day tiger <partanen>

Can ‘The Cream’ be used on open cuts?

It’s not designed for open wounds and should only be used topically. I’ve got another idea in mind for cuts and scrapes so stayed tuned…

Are there any areas of the body that The Cream shouldn’t be used on?

As long as it’s used on the outside of the body it can be applied to any part that’s sore or injured!

Have you ever waxed a curb with The Cream?

Can’t say I have, but I might just go and try it now!

You were recently hit by a car… explain what happened?

One morning I was fanging down to the local shop on my pushy to grab some milk for coffee and got swiped on a blind intersection when they didn’t give way. I got airborne and smashed myself up pretty good! Luckily my foot broke my fall, otherwise I wouldn’t be here to tell the tale. But unfortunately my whole leg got pretty messed up. I did some serious bone and muscle damage and wasn’t able to skate for a whole month which was devastating…

Did you mend with use of the Cream?

If there ever was a good example of The Cream’s wondrous effects I am the perfect subject! I iced, rested and absolutely covered myself in The Cream from the get go and can say that it cut my personal recovery time in half! My foot was a storm cloud of colours, and then by the next week gone! I was pretty annoyed that I got injured NOT skateboarding, but them’s the breaks. I’m so lucky to be still skating at my age, and thankful for every moment rolling around on this earth. Now hopefully I can continue to give back to the lifestyle I love and cherish.

Be sure to check The Cream online store and congrats to Duncan and Kris as The Cream official launch is happening tonight in Melbourne.




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