Bjorn Joshnston’s Element video part coinciding with his pro board launch has been uploaded to the instawebs today and it is a banger. So many spots and quite a vast trick selection. Bjorn has been slaying it forever and it is great to see him get a high five from the industry in the form of a pro board from one of the world’s largest brands. After seeing the part this morning, we caught up with Bjorn for a quick Chin Wag regarding his Element plank debut and the filming of this banging section. Read on… and make sure you watch the video part embedded beneath the Chin Wag – MC

MC: Ok first off I just wanted to say epic part! Cool to ask you a few questions?

BJ: Thanks! I’m glad you like it! Sure thing, fire away!

When did you start filming for this puppy?

Well, I’m pretty much always trying to film stuff, but it didn’t really become a focus until about a year ago when the Element Aus video idea kinda got scrapped due to team changes… but, some of the footage is a few years old ha ha.

…as with most video parts now. Which countries did you film in?

Ha ha, well quite a few: Australia, NZ, Spain, Germany, USA, China, Japan and France I think.

Wowsers! Which was the funnest country you filmed in?

Probably Australia and NZ with all my friends or in Spain, skating spots with no plan or knowledge of what the next spot was going to be.

Any particular obstacle or plaza make you super happy?

Hmmm, I guess the last kickflip probably as I landed it whilst getting yelled at and kicked out. If you listen closely, when I’m in the air the guy is yelling “oh I’m going to get a fucking baseball bat” ha ha ha.

No way… I heard that! I couldn’t make it out though. Any particularly hard battles fought?

Yeah a few, the nollie heel at the beginning was a battle, the run up is so narrow with a drop into the sea, and I had to do it a few times due a bunch of shitty sketchy landings, almost rolled away off the side into the sea on one.

That spot is hairy! Is this the first pro model you have ever had? Did you have a board out for Chey’s company ABC?

Yeah I did have one on ABC, although it was only available in NZ.

I thought so. Is this board for Element internationally or just Australiasia?

It is definitely for Australasia, although I’m not sure on the details of where else you can get it. Possibly Element in other areas will pick it up too.

Sick. Did you use any particular shapes for inspiration?

What do you mean shapes?

As in board shapes?


Oh, well that’s one thing that is awesome about Element, they made a shape specifically for me, so I’ll be riding those. But I’m sure it’ll be available in a range of shapes in store.

That’s pretty rad. So now the part is done and the board is out what is next?

Got any cool missions, travels, tours or comps coming up?

Yeah, I have truck about to drop on Theeve too, and then I’m off on Sunday to start this Supra ‘Oz Man Out’ tour with Mumford and the guys. Should be sick!

That is a serious all-star cast. Which location/city are you most looking forward to hitting with that tour?

I think all of them will be great, but I’m pretty Sydney biased!

Diplomatically handled. Well thanks for the quick chat tiger. See you on the road or at City Squared I guess?

Yes indeed! Thanks for the chat Morgs!

Peace oot.

Now watch his part and check out the OZ MAN OUT tour dates with flyer (below video)




Wednesday, February 22nd
Nerang Skatepark
5pm to 7pm Demo and Signing
Arthur Earle Park, Pacific Highway,
Nerang, QLD, 4211

Friday, February 24th
Waterloo Skatepark
5pm to 7pm Demo + Signing
Elizabeth Street,
Waterloo, NSW, 2017

Sunday, February 26th
Belconnen Skatepark
3pm to 5pm Demo + Signing
77 Emu Bank,
Belconnen, ACT, 2617

Thursday, March 1st
Fast times Skate Shop
4:30pm to 5:30pm Signing
121 Swanston Street,
Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Thursday, March 1st
Riverside Skatepark
6pm – 8pm Demo
Boathouse Drive, Alexandra Gardens
Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Sunday, March 4th Victoria Skatepark
3pm to 5pm Demo & Signing
203-271 Victoria Street
Auckland Central, New Zealand






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