2000 is not only Sydney’s postcode, but it is also the year that the Olympics were held in Australia’s premiere post card city. The city was electric that year. In 2000 most people were concerned with the Y2k virus, the new VW bug, the dot com boom/crash and what they were going to wear to any one of the myriad of parties that was being thrown in and around downtown. For Brett Margaritis and American (honourary Australian) photographer Matt McGinley there were other concerns: namely when and how they could skate and shoot at the Town Hall fountain quarter pipe. Brett was in the midst of his Sydney rampage which saw some unforgettable gnarlage go down, but this seriously has to take the cake. For starters this fountain has a grate at the bottom of the trannie. There was a window to hit it just after ten pm. A window where security was not present, but the fountain was still running. Yes you might also notice the water? Yes the thing was running. The transition behind the water is made out of small rocks, small sharp rocks. To even roll up this thing and do a kickturn is nuts. But to perform a mid downpour frontside ollie like this is downright luda. And if you look at his clothes you will notice that he is barely even wet. This was within a few tries. I guarantee that if it were me, even if I had somehow managed to do a frontside ollie on the thing, I would be wet from head to toe. It took three or four visits to get the flick. Brett made the trick every time (the guy owns the frontside ollie on quirky trannies), but the challenge was for McGiggles to get the exposure right, so as to be able to capture the speedy flowing waterfall as well as the trick. This was pre-digital and there was no way of McGiggles knowing if he had nailed it until he picked up the slides from the lab. I was flicking through some old mags today looking for an inspirational image from Australia’s skateboarding past. When I picked up the Slam with this on the cover (issue 58), I knew that I had found what was needed. Then within ten minutes I somehow stumbled across the same image on McGinley’s blog. Also while on the McGiggle tip, you should have a suss of his current website which has an amazing Aaron Nannup photo from the same shoot as his current journal portrait. More relics from the crypt this time next month.




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