After soaking up the ludicrous shredding that went down on the 100m-long plaza, the Belcopalooza skate festival moved its focus to the bowl. Belco Bowl is a world-class, eleven-foot deep, five-foot channelled beast of a keyhole.

It is the one and only feature that survived the great Belconnen Skatepark overhaul of 2011. Something this legendary should be heritage listed due to its historical clout. It was vital that they kept it, and thankfully they did just that. The bowl had a makeover for the event. Local ruler Ross Cutts took care of grinding and patching, then he, Luke Brown, Dave Pang and a few others painted the sucker. By the end of it was hotted up with a fresh spider web: one that even Indian Jones would be scared of. As if the bowl wasn’t gnarly enough to begin with right? The truth is that as Belco Bowl approaches the quarter century mark, she has in fact never looked better

The jam was a mix of vertical vets, spring chickens and kangaroo. An amalgam of pads and bare knees. There were at least six skate generations present. And everyone, no matter what their skate preferences were, was into it. It was hard to ignore how gnarly these carve-dogs were getting: there were collisions in the roll in, hang ups to flat and even a perfect ten pointer of a penguin slide. SbA’s Cuzza and Fludey orchestrated the passing out of $2,500 cash to those who landed their bangers. There were lobsters (twenties), pineapples (fifties) and lettuce leaves (hundreds) getting thrown out all over the shop. Grinders, sliders, channel leaps and assorted aerials were all acknowledged by a fist full of cash-ola and the crowd was buzzing. The Bowl Jam was the perfect way to cap what was already an incredible day for the Australian Skate Fam. 

belcobowl 1 renton morey-large
Renton Millar deep in the zone, collosal frontside ollie. (morey)

belcobowl 2 rodney brown large
Rodney Roo was ripping, this back tail from the radical marsupial was all time. (brown)

belcobowl 3 shoota-five-o hooker large
Steve ‘Shoota’ Kelly with chasm clearance to frontside five-o (hooker) 

The bowl towered above Keegan Palmer, but he prevailed. (brown)

belcobowl 5 rees boneless brown large
After the penguin slide Tom Rees opted for a boneless one. <click to animate> (brown)

belcobowl 6 bugs clap hooker2 large


belcobowl 7 bugs backsmith hooker large
Bugs Fardell’s serious Belco NBD: channel clearance to back smith. <click to animate>
sequence (brown), still (hooker)

The Bowl Jam was the perfect way to cap what was already an incredible day for the Australian Skate Fam. The much-missed Todd Webster smiled down from above. Thank you so much to everyone who made it possible!

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