Bryce Golder was turned pro by Habitat Skateboards’ international wing around this time last year. We all knew it was well-overdue, but it is still so rad to see such a possessed skate rat located here in Oz being given the ultimate thumbs up from one of the world’s most reputable skate brands. Bryce (aka Beardo) has been lying semi low this year but this is not due to any laziness on his behalf: there were some injuries in the way. Back in one piece and shredding faster than ever, we thought it would be good to see a casual Arvo Loco with him. Geoff Campbell was sent out on the assignment and as per usual he came back with gold. In case you didn’t know Bryce is also incredible on the flip side of the lens and his photo blog is full of epic snaps.

The song that this is set to is “DULL” by CONTRAST – a band of which Jack Crook is a member! Speical guests:┬áJack Kirk, Callum Paul, Jeremy Corea and Nick Boserio!

Don’t forget to watch in HD!





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