When it comes to the skateboarding there is nothing quite like those who do it all with complete effortlessness. Known for his unique take on regular spots, his knack for skating spots that are not even spots, and his uber-relaxo textbook styles, it seemed like Mike Martin would be a good one to study on an A to B skate. His journey takes him from the OG Melbourne skateboard progression grounds known as Prahran Skatepark to the fresh contours of St Kilda’s new park down at Marina Reserve. Just days ago SbA head filmer Shane Fowler captured this here A to B with Mike (who is easily of the nicest guys in Australian skateboarding) and we are sure you will enjoy it just as much as he did.


A to B synopsis:
If you ask any skater what their favourite aspect of rolling is, chances are they will mention the skate from A to B. It is all about the intermeshing of ollies up curbs, manuals, pressure nollies off of cracks, dodging traffic and swerving to miss small barking dogs. Whilst all this is going on you are warmed inside knowing that you are getting closer to your destination, whatever or wherever that may be. As homage to the journey, we have launched a video regular that is called “A to B”.





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