Dear SbA Members & Associates,

We are aware of a facebook post made by a former employee currently being circulated, which claims to be a statement of facts surrounding the cancellation of the Am Titles series.  

We feel compelled to respond to this statement and provide additional information purposefully omitted from this statement in order to provide a complete picture of why it was not possible for the organisation to complete the Am  Titles event series.

Firstly, in the 3 years to June 2014, the activities of Skateboarding Australia (SbA) under the leadership of former SbA/SA management have generated approximately $325,000 in financial losses to the organisation, Skate Australia has maintained its support of Skateboarding each year as these losses accumulated.  These losses have now accumulated and significantly weakened the organisation to the point where we no longer have the ability to absorb any further losses.

With respect to the Am Titles series, this agreement was negotiated in June 2013 by both SA and SbA’s management at that time.  The Nike Am Titles agreement extended from June 2013, through to completion in December 2015 (incorporating both the 2014 and 2015 Am Titles series calendars).

The series was co-sponsored by the Australian National Preventative Health Agency (ANPHA), this sponsorship provided approximately 50% of the required funding for the Am Titles series.  This sponsorship had a clearly defined end date of 30th June 2014, with any possible extension yet to be determined.

Those responsible for negotiating this agreement and associated Am Titles series have failed to consider the impact and plan accordingly for the loss of ANPHA sponsorship at 30th June 2014.

Given the organisations weakened financial position following the financial losses generated by SbA over the past 3 years, the organisation found itself in a position where even considering all alternative avenues on the table from the ASC and Nike, the organisation was not financially able to continue the series, and remain solvent.

The mutual agreement reached between SbA and Nike regarding the termination of the series was absolutely necessary in order to ensure survival of both Skate Australia, and Skateboarding Australia (SbA).

Skate Australia & Skateboarding Australia remains committed to promoting the growth and development of Skateboarding in Australia, and creating opportunities for Skateboarders nationally.

Yours sincerely

Skate Australia Inc.


Dallas Eastley

Chief Executive Officer






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