Nike x SbA Am Titles Stop #2
Devonport, Tasmania.
February 15th 2014
Photos: Matty Hooker (click to enlarge)
Video: Tony Woodward and Scott Atkins
Words: Morgan Campbell
Hashtag: #amtitles14



I personally can’t imagine a view much better than that seen from Mersey Bluff: rugged coast, a post card lighthouse, a river mouth and what’s that over there... a skatepark? It is always a good balance when a premium chunk of nature is garnished with a nearby facility. Devonport’s Skatepark was transformed on Saturday to host the second stop of the 2014 Nike x SbA Am Titles.

On Saturday there was a new village in Devonport.

Mainlanders in town were from as far away as Lennox Heads, NSW. Yep the Am Titles allow you to compete in any state qualifier you make it to! The spread of age between youngest (Alex Christensen – five years) and eldest (Tony Chavez – forty years) was vast! Skateboarding is alive and well within multiple generations on this here rock.

Look at these jolly judges. From left: Jim Dandy, Paul McMacken and Clinton Bassett.


The ripper of a judge Clinton Bassett with a proper switch front blunt.

(14 & UNDER)
Third-placed junior was Danny Mason, aside from being an A-grade skate rat, he was our nomination for funniest guy of the day. One of his sentences was something like: “Yo, rad, gnarly, awesome… how awesome is rad?” Second place went to Raphael Langslow from Castlemaine. This guy is smooth and is skating with such polished confidence at such a young age. He cabbed up the Euro with ease and 180’d the entire flat bank to flat without forethought.
Beau Kelly making epic feeble shapes en route to being recrowned Junior TAS Champ!

Beau Kelly took it out again! His trick bag bulges with new deliveries every year. 2014 saw him with sweet kickflips up the Euro and well-poked feebles, fifties and picture perfect front boards down the big rail.


(top three qualify for The Grand Final)
Beau Kelly  13  West Moonah, TAS  Tasmanian 2014 Junior Am Champ
2nd Raphael Langslow  13  Castlemaine, VIC
3rd Daniel Mason  13  Taroona, TAS
4th Milo Langford – 10 – Kingston, TAS

The standard in Devoport’s Open Division is always sensational. There are so many shred merchants in Tasmania! This year featured most of your usual Tassie suspects with a garnishing of mainland rippers to boot. The skills were as diverse as they were awesome. 

Tony Chavez blasting a lofty backside air into the top of the vert wall.

Despite being eight times the age of our youngest entrant, Tony Chavez blew minds all day with his all out vert wall attack. Fergus Doherty is all grown up and despite snapping his tail, he rolled away from a hardflip from the top of the flatbank to flat! Ray Norris brought the world’s of Metallica and switch frontside nosegrinds into the same sphere and it all made it sense.

James Hall showing perfect poise with a backside ollie blunt on the quank to wall.

Queensland-spawned James Hall took care of wallie backside blunts on the quank to wall and stylish heel flips over the pyramid. The sunny ATV-unit known as Scott Standley floated a gap to five-o 180 over the pyramid’s dog box and nearly frontside flipped the whole contraption to flat.

MC’s Richard Flude and Jimmy McMacken held it down with ace banter all day.

Holy bat smoke: Aaron Lister rips. After spending an extended period on Melbourne’s terrain he has returned to Tassie with a new satchel of skills and tarnished Devoport’s obstacles with his all out nitro approach, he received third for his efforts. He back 180’d the pyramid to flat, charged back lips and back tail biggys through the curved ledge and did the best fakie flip over the hip, it took him so far he could have probably cleared the whole platform.
Brendon Hill with a Saturday Arvo overcrook on the Sundy Morn out ledge.

In second was Launceston’s Brendon Hill (the highest placed Tasmanian) and similarly to Aaron, he is super consistent. Back overcrooks on the out ledge, front feebles across the fun box flat bar and a first try kickflip backside 5-0 shuv on the bump to ledge.

Everything was dealt shred from Ben Currie – Nollie front feebs. <click to animate>

What the frigging heck? How can an eighteen-year-old know so many tricks? Then again… first-placer Ben Currie knows about more movies than Margaret and David put together. Somehow this lad has already fit more in than most do in a lifetime, yet he is barely legal! Ben was like a nail gun in the final. Line it up: bang. Line it up: bang. He gapped up the Euro to 50/50 all the way to the next bank, cab back lipped and kickflip front boarded the bump to bar, nollie inward heeled the Euro, backside nollie heeled the hip, wallie 50/50’d the big flat bar, and well… just watch the clip.


(top six qualify for The Grand Final)
1st Ben Currie – 18 – Berwick, VIC – $1000 – Tasmanian 2014 Am Champ
2nd Brendon Hill – 29 – Launceston, TAS – $500 (left)        
3rd Aaron Lister – 23 – Blackstone Heights, TAS – $200 (right)
4th Scott Standley – 26 – Keilor East, VIC – $100
5th James Hall – 21 – Northcote, VIC – $100
6th Ray Norris – 23 – Burnie, TAS – $100
7th Fergus Doherty – 16 – Hobart, TAS
8th Paco Belanga – 25 – Eungella, NSW

Thanks to all the event sponsors for helping make this happen. See you in Adelaide!



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Be The Influence
Australian Sports Commission
Devonport City Council




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