Nike x SbA Am Titles Stop #3
Osborne, South Australia 
March 8th 2014 
Photos: Matty Hooker 
Video: Tony Woodward and Jared Nicholson 
Words: Morgan Campbell
Hashtag: #amtitles14


Every single time we visit Adelaide we leave topped to the brim in stoke. Its scene has a solid legacy of decades of rippers (your Gourlays and your Nuskes) and is enhanced by a massive bunch of contemporary shredders. They all have one clear goal: to have fun on the whizzplank.

Despite taking some hefties on a broken arm Dale McDermott owned it – kfbsts

Osborne is a combo of plaza and skatepark: giving everyone some options regardless of their disposition towards certain terrain. Adelaide’s talented skaters are pretty starved of big events so when something of the calibre of the Am Titles hits town you know that the stoke-o-meter max’s out in the high reds.

Esteemed judges on a well earned break: Cale Nuske, Andy Walker and Jim Dandy.

The local additions to our crew included some pedigree South Australian legends: Cale Nuske and Andy Walker (both as judges), Jared Nicholson on second camera action, Sam Goodall on the mic and even the one and only Dan Ivett on rego. The sun shone hard and aside from the odd mosquito early on (we temporarily named it Mos-borne) it was quite hard to pick a flaw in the day.

Biscuit unleashes his new found back lip steeze on the A-Frame.

Victorian Bradley “Biscuit” Saunders was freshly back from a seriously snapped wrist and slayed it into third revealing his newly refined back lip techniques on the A-Frame. In second was local ripper Jay Runciman, and despite properly exploding his ankle a week prior he held it down with ease front shuving the big four and kickflip front boarding the A-Frame.

2014 South Oz Jnr Champ Zach heelfliped the big four first try!

In at first was a guy who had improved remarkably in the past year: Zach Georgiou. He crooked the “A” every shot and took to the big four with kickflips, heelflips and even a fakie ollie!


JUNIOR RESULTS (top three qualify for The Grand Final)
Zach Georgiou 14 Dulwich, SA – South Aus 2014 Junior Am Champ (middle)
Jay Runciman 14 Findon, SA (left)
Bradley ‘Biscuit’ Saunders 11 Beaufort, VIC (right)
4th Anderson Yuniardi – 13 – Collaroy Plateau, NSW

The only SA female entrant Emily Bizter takes a frontside 50/50 over the taco with ease.

There were a bunch who didn’t make the final eight that could have won any other day. You might remember last year’s winner for instance: Beau Hinge. A tweaked knee lead to him taking it pretty mellow through the day, but just have a quick gander at 2013 or the Under the Radar he filmed upon lead up to the comp. Other rippers who didn’t make the final included the incredible Mike Milner, Jarred Knoblauch, Michael Casey and Nick Bennett – all destroyers in their own right.

Serious head gear! Judge Cale n MC Goodall’s in fine form.

Getting to the Open Final in a comp of this calibre is no joke. Everyone up there in the top octet ripped. Of those, the top six are those who make it through to the Grand Final in October. In sixth was Tom Lupton who nailed nollie crooked grinds on the bump to bar and clacked off a snappy backside nollie down the big four.

Nick Bennett goes the distance up and over the A-Frame. <click to animate>

In fifth was skate warrior Dale McDermott who has one of those enviable nonchalant styles. Kickflip backtails and nollie nose biggies on the bump to ledge and McCrank-esque front 270 lips on the A-Frame. If he had made his back three down the four, the results would have read differently. Jack Bridges is as polished a skateboarder as he is a human. He went on skate trips at a young age and casually got sponsored when most people were only worried about what to write on their pencil cases. He cruised his way into fourth with juicy frontal big spins over the hip and nailing a heel varial down the four that most would have written off as a primo.

The Hinges get water and photo bombed.

I ran into Christopher Craig at the supermarket quite late the night before the comp. He was hesitating over which icecream to buy. There was no indecision in his skateboarding the next day however: perfect street steeze with front tail biggies and pop shuv nosegrinds in his wake.

Chistopher Craig with a well-poised frontside bluntslide off the Twix into the bank.

In at second was the winner from 2012 Mr Clint Kenneally. He skates with refined power. Nailing backside flips down into the Euro and down the big four, multiple bangers on the A-Frame including a front feeble back 180. Check his Three Spots for further proof of his ownership of the park.

Gus hit everything then twirled a rail-clearing full speed 360 nose grab! <click to animate>

In at first was Osborne local Gus Thomas: the smiley ATV that left no section of the course without a proper seeing to. Backside ollie to tails and lein disasters on the tombstone, half cabs down the four, backside tailslides on the taco, back threes into the Euro, speedy blunts, noseblunts and nollie boardies on the A-Frame and even clacked a backside 360 nose grab over it! Everyone was super stoked for Gus, it is not that often you see the crowd favourite win a comp.
Yeeeeew… Gus Thomas is buggin’: podium bound.Really? I won?”


(top six qualify for The Grand Final)
Angus Thomas  23  Osborne, SA  $1000 – South Aus 2014 Am Champ (middle)
2nd Clint Kenneally  23  Adelaide, SA $500 (left)        
3rd Chris Craig  21  Mile End, SA $200 (right)
4th Jack Bridges  24  Mile End, SA  $100
5th Dale McDermott  20  Davoren Park, SA  $100
6th Tom Lupton  20  Seaford, SA  $100
7th Braydon Knoblauch – 27 – Mile End, SA
8th Artha Tolios – 23 – West Beach, SA 

Thanks to all the event sponsors for helping make this happen. See you in Perth!

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